How to Hire a Human Resources Director (HRD)

Written by Lucy Bielby on Nov 17, 2017

Your guide to hiring an in demand Human Resources Director...

Heading up the HR practice at global Executive Search firm, EO Executives, I am privileged enough to work with some of the most influential HR leaders in the UK. These leaders are forward thinking, innovative and are continuously contributing to the evolving world of HR within many leading organisations.

Having been in this space for over a decade, I have seen both the candidate and client market demands change considerably. The role of the HR Director has advanced greatly and with new ways of learning, EVP and developments in technology, HR leaders are having to become more tech driven and agile with many aspects of their roles becoming like their peers in sales and marketing. 

Why do I see value in recruiting for senior HR roles? I am passionate about what I do and enjoy building relationships with the markets most inspirational HR leaders; I believe that the hiring of such an individual can bring true commercial value to any organisation that they join. 

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Why Your LinkedIn Profile Should Always Be on Point

Written by Craig Elvin on Nov 08, 2017

Your LinkedIn profile should be on point even if you aren’t looking for a new position.

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? At EO Executives, we believe there is a huge missed opportunity around using LinkedIn as a platform for engagement. Too many business leaders are neglecting their opportunity to engage, attract and entice top talent.

Yes,LinkedIn is a platform for individuals to promote their personal brand, create an online CV and get in-front of potential employers, but it is also important for brand promotion.

LinkedIn is essentially a networking platform for business professionals, but it is also extremely busy and competitive. Brands and their business leaders should be using LinkedIn to make new connections, demonstrate their market offering and attract new employees.

As Executive Headhunters, we see it time and time again when talking to a candidate about a new role. The first thing they ask is “who is the company and who will I be working for?”. And the first thing they do is go onto LinkedIn to understand more. Potential candidates want to see impressive profiles of the brands and leaders they could be working for. And guess what? If your profile is not up to scratch, they will not be interested.

First impressions are key

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Why is Sales and Operations Planning Fundamental for any Business? Q&A with Supply Chain Expert- Rupert Tubbs

Written by Neal Mankey on Nov 06, 2017

With an ever-changing economic landscape and a continuous demand for businesses to innovate and implement new processes, planning is fundamental for success. There are of course numerous ways businesses can plan and execute ideas, but without a standardised process organisations cannot forecast for change, drive a strong culture, nor establish a sense of accountability.

To understand how businesses can best implement such processes and plan ahead, I met with highly experienced Supply Chain Leader, Rupert Tubbs. Rupert also holds extensive experience and understanding of how to successfully implement Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).

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2018: The Year of the Vegan?

Written by Hayley-Rose Hill on Nov 03, 2017

2018: The Year of the Vegan?
According to The Vegan Society, there are three and a half times as many vegans as there were in 2006 making this the fastest growing lifestyle movement in the UK. What does this mean to the health food industry? What will we see more of in our supermarket aisles and high streets in 2018?
The increase of people identifying as ‘Vegan’ (more accurately, those choosing a plant based diet – no meat, fish, eggs or dairy) is no longer just for those concerned with animal welfare.  With the annual red meat and dairy sales falling, these trends are being driven by consumers better understanding how a meat heavy diet affects health. Raising concerns around the use of hormones and antibiotics in producing meat/dairy, the treatment of animals in factory farms and how food choices have a very real effect on our planet. These shifting associations mean most growth in Vegan products actually have more to do with ‘flexitarians’ (people choosing to leave meat off their plates more frequently) than vegans. 
So, what are the trends to look out for?
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5 Tips for Hiring a Luminary Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Written by Ryan Hill on Nov 02, 2017

As an Associate Director and Head of Commercial and Marketing at EO Executives, I am privileged to meet with some of the most talented, creative and forward-thinking Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s) in the country on a regular basis. They have a natural ability to inspire the people around them, bringing light to any business through a visionary mindset.

Speaking with such inspirational leaders and partnering with so many awesome businesses gives me a unique opportunity to stay up to date with what is happening in the market, and ensures I stay engaged with my client’s key priorities.

Having a strong and extensive network in the technology space means I get invited in by C-Level leaders of rapidly growing, digitally first companies for various reasons. Some are struggling to align their Technology and Sales functions, many are concerned about spiraling costs and are worried about turning fast ROI for investors. Others are frustrated about their inability to attract and retain the very best talent in a market that is increasingly competitive.

The latter of these issues is what I will focus on in this blog, with a particular focus on CMO hires as this is a core niche of mine and an area I have great experience in.

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What Does it Take to Lead an Organisation to Success? Exclusive Q&A with CEO of CMME

Written by Ryan Hill on Nov 01, 2017

To understand the drive, hard work and investment into organisational culture it takes to lead a business to success, we recently met with the CEO of leading Mortgage Provider - CMME.

In this Q&A, Jason Powell shares his secrets for success and how he has managed to create an agile, innovative and highly performing team.
To find out more, take a look at what he had to say...

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Would You Hire Based on Skill or Salary?

Written by Lucy Bielby on Oct 26, 2017

I have recently been made aware of a controversial legislation impacting the employment market that is being passed across the US and I’m wondering if (or should I say when) it will make its way to the U.K.

Across numerous States, employers and their recruiting partners will no longer be able to ask a candidate’s current salary and benefits during an interview process.

If they do, it could result in penalties for such violations.

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How to Unite a Dysfunctional Procurement Team

Written by Neal Mankey on Oct 25, 2017

So you have been parachuted into a new CPO role and are ready to tackle the challenge head on……but here’s the catch:

90% of the time a new CPO is hired to fix something that is broken.

Many years of procurement recruitment has taught me that that dysfunctional procurement teams are prevalent and common.  Before you even start the hard yards of engaging your internal stakeholder population and confronting the supply base you have to sort out your own team and ensure that everyone is aligned and collaborative.   

Politics, silos and huge ego’s stand in your way but here are my top tips on turning around a dysfunctional procurement group...

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Hiring an Interim Operations Executive Is Expensive…or Is It?

Written by Adam Davies on Oct 23, 2017


Hiring an Interim Operations Executive is expensive…or is it?

I hear this a lot. Generally, when hiring managers look at the cost of hiring an interim, on the surface it looks expensive compared to the role that they would be hiring for on a permanent basis. However, if you look at the bigger picture you are hiring a flexible resource with limited risk. Along with expertise that you NEED to future-proof your business, allowing you to continue to reap the rewards long after the interim has gone.

There are several aspects to consider when hiring an interim manager rather than just looking at the initial outlay of costs.

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Are You Supporting Your Corporate Athletes?

Written by Craig Elvin on Oct 19, 2017

What are you doing to support your corporate athletes?

Following my recent conversation with Jaynes Carrington and seeing the excellent work she is doing at Dialogue First; as well and having interviewed not one, but two, former GB Athletes recently got me to ask the question, what are we doing to support our corporate Athletes?

In an age of disruption, increased market pressures and Geo-political uncertainty, it is widely accepted that you need the most agile, intelligent, driven and dynamic corporate athletes in your business if you want to be successful. After all, the businesses with the best people win.

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