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4 Insights for Managing Up – The Inside Track on Leading in a Founder Owned Business

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Apr 28, 2017

Those are some very big shoes to fill - working as a new MD for a Founder can feel like having the weight of the world on your shoulders.

It’s often a heady mix of driving growth, managing legacy and being the conduit between the Founder and the employee teams – not easy!

At EO Executives we are lucky enough to be working with some of the fastest growing businesses in the country and help the Founders of these businesses attract great MD’s. This is a tricky transitional period for the business owner (and the employee’s for that matter) as control is relinquished in the spirit of driving further growth.

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The 4 big talent trends set to continue in 2017

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Dec 09, 2016

2016 has been an exciting year for the talent industry with companies big and small competing for game changing leaders across a global talent marketplace.

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Leading a 'Culture Club' - Using great culture to attract top talent

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Nov 21, 2016

Anyone looking to grow a business with a team of over 10 in size should be spending at least 10% of their week on the attraction of top talent. Why? Because the people with the best people will generally win.

To attract top talent you are going to need a couple of well-connected and trusted head hunters (my contact details are in the footer below) and a compelling employee value proposition (EVP). Developing an EVP as the board in an SME can be an intimidating task. You may not have the resources to offer gym facilities, free food and drink, extensive branded welcome packs or an office bar, so what can you do to gain competitive advantage?

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5 Top Tips For Smooth Leadership Succession

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Nov 15, 2016

Successions can be a tricky affair and history throws up some intriguing leadership succession stories. Tim Cook taking the reigns at Apple was initially met with heavy scepticism, and last year Pandora Media took a leap in announcing a full technology leadership succession.

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What I learnt from my first day volunteering in the third sector at Suited & Booted

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Nov 08, 2016

Through the introduction of a business contact I have recently started supporting a wonderful London charity called Suited & Booted run by the passionate Dr Maria Lenn and her team of talented volunteers.

The team and I at EO have always been looking for ways to use our skills to deliver some positive social impact. Recruitment as an industry tends to get compared culturally more to Wolf of Wall Street than Comic Relief so when the opportunity came up to use my executive search skills to coach those in need I jumped at the chance. 

It was a rewarding experience and I am back in with the team tomorrow to offer support – for others in the corporate world considering this type of work, I wanted to share some of my learnings below.

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The Five M's of Modern Leadership

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Nov 04, 2016

Modern, progressive leadership is changing and is an ongoing matter of personal refinement, balance and adjustment.

Organisations are flatter, traditional hierarchies are being demolished and change is the new business as usual. You can no longer just wield a big title or “pull rank” in your communications as your direct reports are assessing your capability as much as you are theirs.

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How Leaders Can Drive A Winning Culture

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Oct 17, 2016

Culture is more than just a sign on the wall or a bullet-point list on your company website. Culture is who you stand for – the common values that everyone in your business believes in, and it’s the responsibility of leaders to take this one step further and translate those values into behaviours.

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How C- Level Executives Reacted To Britain's Decision To Leave The EU

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Aug 12, 2016

The gloves may be off but the real fight starts now. It was big news when the bell rang and the Brexit decision hit. Nonetheless, the team here at Executives Online were quick off the mark to survey the confidence of our leader networks both domestically and across Europe.

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Executives Online Voted Top 20 Interim Management Firm

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Jul 19, 2016

The 2016 IIM survey results were recently published and we are proud to have retained our Platinum Partner status as a top 20 Interim Management provider for the fifth year in a row. As one of the first recruitment firms to specialise in interim management, it’s a testament to our team that we have consistently been voted as a key provider in this space since the IIM survey began.

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How To Write A Great Job Description [Video & Download]

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Jul 07, 2016

The job description or job spec is one of the key tools that enables you to attract top leaders to your hiring process. As a business we specialise in placing senior leaders into high growth companies in fast-moving situations, and the job description plays an important part in that process. There are however lots of common misconceptions when putting together a job brief around how to structure and how to get the best out of it in order to attract top talent.

This article and the accompanying video and download gives you the insight you need on the key things to include in a great job description to ensure that right people are attracted to your process.

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