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It's You Not Me - Why Your Customers Are The Problem And What To Do About It

Written by Anne Beitel on Feb 17, 2015

The customer is always right. That’s the accepted wisdom that many businesses use as a core value, but as I recently found out that’s not always the case…

At a reception for JetBlue’s most frequent flyers, Michael Schrage – a research fellow at MIT and author had the opportunity to listen to the airline’s top management discuss its ambitions to improve operations and enhance customer experience. Schrage wrote about the interchange in a recent article in Harvard Business Review and on a whim, he asked one of the most senior executives what JetBlue’s customers could do to improve the airline.

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The Perils of HR’s and Procurement’s Differing Priorities for the Recruitment Supply Chain

Written by Anne Beitel on Jan 13, 2015

HR and procurement professionals at the UK’s largest employers need to take a more rounded approach to managing their recruitment supply chain to ensure that they deliver the best candidate experience possible in addition to managing costs and time to hire.

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How professional is your interim manager? Check the legal structure they operate under

Written by Anne Beitel on Dec 16, 2014

Amid the 4.6 million people in the UK working for themselves (15% of the total workforce), there are broad categories and labels – freelancer, independent professional, interim manager, contractor, self-employed – but few hard boundaries. Some categories contain others, and some merge into the next, a continuum rather than distinct subsets. Where “contractor” leaves off and “interim manager” specifically takes over can be particularly hard to define, as pay rates, skill level, type of expertise applied to the client’s requirements, and other aspects can, at the margins, seem quite similar.

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Why job searching shouldn't be a New Year's Resolution

Written by Anne Beitel on Dec 16, 2014

Golden parachutes being available for only the most elite of corporate executives, it’s probably true that there’s no good time to be out of work. There do, however, appear to be times of the year when it may be better or worse to be looking for work – or, if you’re an employer, looking to hire.

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Embargoes and How They Can Make Executive Search Firms Less Effective

Written by Anne Beitel on Dec 03, 2014

The concept of an embargo has its roots in maritime shipping, but it has a modern relevance to the world of recruitment, particularly executive search. When engaging an executive search provider, it's important to understand whether any embargoes are in place, and their scope.

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You Want the Employee to Start When? The Lowdown on Recruitment Lead Times

Written by Anne Beitel on Nov 24, 2014

Companies seeking to recruit a new employee tend to fall into two distinct camps vis-à-vis the urgency of the hire. In one camp, the hire is planned; it’s part of that year’s business plan, with a thorough and complete job description and expected costings detailed down to the penny. In the other, the hire is unexpected, occasioned by various possible but unforeseen eventualities, positive or negative: An employee leaving or being asked to leave, a new business opportunity that requires skills not present in the team, unexpected growth, or any combination of these or similar reasons.

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Executives Online opens new office in Toronto

Written by Anne Beitel on Nov 13, 2014

Executives Online has expanded our executive search and interim management business across the Atlantic, opening a new office in Toronto, Canada, to further strengthen our international presence to 30 offices in Europe, Africa and North America.

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Flex appeal: why freelancers, contractors and agency workers choose to work this way

Written by Anne Beitel on Nov 11, 2014

Working on a temporary basis is part of many people’s career paths. More than one in three people (36%) in Great Britain have worked as a contractor, freelancer or agency worker at some point in their career, and 41% are considering working that way in the future.

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The Debate Over Defining Interim Management

Written by Anne Beitel on Nov 03, 2014

Those not immersed in interim management might be surprised to learn that there’s quite the controversy over its definition. Almost every interim management provider, as well as trade body the Interim Management Association, address the issue via their websites and marketing material and all differ in their opinions.

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The Myth of the “True” Interim Executive

Written by Anne Beitel on Oct 29, 2014

In the interim management industry there’s a common line of thinking that interim managers have a critical inflection point in their careers, before which they were regular employees, and afterwards they are interim managers forever – “true” interim managers. Observed deviations from this are described as mistakes: The executive found they were mistaken about being an interim manager and went back to being a permanent employee, where they belonged.

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