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How to Identify the Right Product Leader for Your Business…and Why This Is So Damn Important!

Written by Ben Walton on May 17, 2017

It all sounds so simple really. To stay ahead of the competition and be successful, Technology board rooms up and down the country know that they need to differentiate, successfully commercialise and build effective, user-friendly products.

So, how does product play a part and what are the four kinds of Product Leader you should consider for your business?

Historically, Commercial Leaders were tasked with defining key products and functionality and then filtering down these plans to the tech teams to implement. Having someone to look at strategy and someone else to put this into practice is all very straight forward in theory…but they were missing a trick.

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Taking the Plunge

Written by Ben Walton on Nov 09, 2016

Building a business from scratch can be challenging at the best of times, but breaking into a new and unfamiliar industry takes the challenge to a new level. 

Working with numerous start-up's ranging from fintech (payments and challenger banking) to SAAS and e-commerce, I have been fortunate enough to see many exciting and disruptive businesses develop at a rapid pace. With the emergence of so many ground breaking technologies and the genuine opportunities to disrupt existing sectors, it is unsurprising that so many people are excited by the prospects of taking the plunge and landing their own start-up.

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How The Brexit Result Impacted the Technology Sector

Written by Ben Walton on Aug 17, 2016

Since Britain voted to leave the EU there has been an overcast of uncertainty throughout the technology sector. Particularly since many working in this space were greatly in favour of remaining within the EU, as it provides the opportunities to sell, hire and invest within Europe. 

Following the referendum, the team at Executives Online set to survey over 1,000 industry leaders and gain an insight into what impact the result has had on businesses, whilst identifying where the impact has been most prevalent.  

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Payments... Push It, Push It Real Good

Written by Ben Walton on Jul 13, 2016

PSD2, Blockchain, Fintech… just some of the current raft of hot phrases and topics that I speak to senior leaders about every day as the Director of our Technology Practice at International headhunting firm Executives Online.

Having worked both for and with a number of banks over the last decade, I believe that the world of Financial Services has never been more exciting.

The recent arrival of fresh competition and challengers to the traditional Retail Banks is well documented, but without doubt the sector that is bracing itself for an influx of innovation is the credit card and payments market.

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The 9 Important Skills Business Leaders Must Learn From The Modern CIO Mindset

Written by Ben Walton on Jun 07, 2016


Technological advancements, smarter and quicker ways of developing products, regulatory changes and a huge shift in customer (and employee!) expectations are shaping the way companies do business.

As an Executive Search specialist focusing on CIOs, CTOs and Heads of IT, I’m privileged to meet lots of innovative, forward thinking leaders who have a real focus on moving their businesses forward digitally. These technology leaders are ideally placed to learn from the innovation happening around them, and channel that creativity and best practice into both their business functions and their own personal careers.

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5 Tips For Securing VC/PE Funding For Your Fintech Startup

Written by Ben Walton on Jan 27, 2016

With the current influx of new digital Banks and Fintech startups, funding is naturally an area of real focus and priority for many people within financial services right now.

But with a crowded market of startups seeking investment and pitching their business ideas, how do you ensure that you stand out from the crowd and make your vision compelling enough for an investor to put their trust in you?

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How To Lead Large Scale Digital Transformation Programmes With Carlos Romeu [Video]

Written by Ben Walton on Nov 11, 2015

In this video interview I sit down with Carlos Romeua highly accomplished Executive Programme Director in Business & IT Transformation. Carlos has worked for leading service providers Atos and CSG and his expertise in digital, IT and outsourcing have allowed him to effectively engage clients across Banking, TMT and Public Sector verticals.

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How Is Digital Impacting Recruitment? [Video] Episode 2 - Digital Hiring For Digital Banking

Written by Ben Walton on Oct 23, 2015

In the second video in our series, Ben Walton discusses with Andy McLean about how digital is starting to affect Recruitment, and how businesses must be willing to share value for free if they want to earn attention and respect.

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What is Digital Hiring? [Video] Episode 1 - Digital Hiring For Digital Banking

Written by Ben Walton on Oct 08, 2015

Recruitment (especially Executive Search) has stayed the same for years, yet in that time almost every other industry has been changing rapidly.

In my last blog 'Why Financial Services Companies Are Losing The War For Top Talent' I talked about how important it is for Financial Services firms to be more innovative in their hiring. After discussing this topic with Andy McLean (a passionate FinTech Innovator and Project Lead who is searching for his next gig since returning to London from Bali) we decided to put together a series of videos talking about Andy's recent experiences as 'a candidate' and my thoughts around using Digital Hiring techniques to improve success rates.

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How To Lead A Successful Transformation Project

Written by Ben Walton on Sep 01, 2015

Being a leader during a transformative period can be both stressful and rewarding. I recently sat down with Hans Christian Iverson who has worked extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East both as a consulting partner and as CEO and Chairman for media, financial services, and management consulting companies. Hans Christian is also an advisor and mentor to a number of CxOs globally, and has diverse experience in coaching leaders through challenging environments. Because of this, he is perfectly placed to provide insight into the mind-set of a leader during that period. 

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