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Do you run your searches based on exclusivity or with multiple agencies?

Written by Jan van der Plank on Jul 14, 2014

In my numerous contacts with my clients there is sometimes a debate on do you engage one agency for your recruitment needs or do you involve multiple agencies at the same time?

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Take your candidates seriously!

Written by Jan van der Plank on Jun 06, 2014

So, you apply for a role which you’re absolutely perfect for – of course.  You await the call from the recruitment company and after a couple of weeks begin to wonder why you haven’t heard from them. So you call them.  You’re curious to understand the status of your application.  When you finally manage to speak with a human you hear words that are generic and could be applied to any candidate!  You’ve been rejected from a role that you’re a perfect match for and don’t know why you haven’t move to the next stage.  Or, worse than that, you don’t receive any feedback and are left feeling confused and angry about the time you’ve taken to submit your application and missing out on the perfect job for you.

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Internal or external recruitment?

Written by Jan van der Plank on May 13, 2014

Whenever a vacancy arises in your organization; the question is do you source via your own recruitment department (should you have one) or do you connect with an external agency?

Obviously that decision is depending on the level and required skillset of the candidate you’re looking for.

With an economy that seems to have recovered from the various crises we have been facing over the last 8 years, companies have started looking for new potential employees to grow their business.

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Impact of Wrong Hiring Decisions

Written by Jan van der Plank on Apr 23, 2014

Having spent almost 25 years in global senior executive Human Resources roles, I was always looking at getting our cost of hire down……..but were we measuring the wrong thing?

Now working on the “other side” as a Managing Partner at Executives Online I have begun to understand that the costs of the wrong hire are highly damaging and that partnering with a high quality search partner is one of the most important investments you will make.

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How about Manufacturing?

Written by Jan van der Plank on Apr 04, 2014

There’s a common belief in the US and Europe that manufacturing is still in a state of decline. Nothing could be further from the truth; there is a massive renaissance in thinking underway, with new design methodologies, rapid prototyping, fast implementation of new manufacturing methodologies, the concept of 3D printing which has gone from ‘science fiction’ to readily available implementation in just a short period of time.

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