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How To Lead Transformational Change Within A Complex, Regulated Environment

Written by Mike Faull on Sep 22, 2015

Business transformation is never an easy task, and this is particularly true when the business in question is a large, complex organisation that is highly regulated. In that kind of environment it takes a special type of person who has a blend of strategic, tactical and organisational skills, as well as having the interpersonal skills to communicate to and influence stakeholders from the board down.

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5 Questions That Will Change How You Hire

Written by Mike Faull on May 28, 2015

Recently I sat down with Jeff Wellstead, CEO of Big Bear Partners and renowned talent management specialist, and asked him five questions about how he consistently recruits great people. The answers and insight he gave me will change the way you think about hiring and setting yourself up for success within the talent market...

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How To Recruit In A High Growth Environment

Written by Mike Faull on Apr 30, 2015

Recruiting in a high growth environment can be incredibly challenging. There’s the sense of panic that companies fall into when they realise that they aren't meeting critical deadlines, workloads are spiralling, and growth challenges aren't going as smoothly as envisioned.  In a bid to stem the tide of employee burnout and stretch to achieve pre-agreed targets to make investors or shareholders happy - company leaders often jump headlong into recruiting networked known entities, former colleagues or engage recruitment agencies in a frenzied search for a solution. 

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