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9 Pitfalls to Avoid When Implementing An Employee Engagement Model

Written by Sarah Duggan on Jan 19, 2016

Employee engagement and its link with business performance is very much a hot topic at the moment. Intuition tells us that it must be right to build a great place to work for our employees as more content employees are happier and this shines through in the provision of better service to our customers. Research supports this, as surveys have shown that engaged employees very much become brand and organisational advocates and happily work enthusiastically both with their team, their clients, and the general public.

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The Link Between Employee Engagement and Business Performance

Written by Sarah Duggan on Oct 26, 2015

Employee engagement is not a new topic, yet it is a concept that is being increasingly talked about.  In particular it’s the link between employee engagement and customer satisfaction that is creating the most buzz, so I spoke with three thought leaders in the HR space to understand more about how to measure, link and implement these internal and external performance indicators.

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How Can HR Harness The Power Of Big Data?

Written by Sarah Duggan on Aug 17, 2015

Big Data is everywhere and is affecting all areas and functions of business – from sales and marketing and their sophisticated CRM and marketing automation systems to procurement and finance and their advanced vendor inventory management systems. HR are now readily assuming a strategic and business critical role, so it’s only natural then that HR would also start to see the same kind of technological progression as other business areas.

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8 Reasons You Should Use Behavioural (Psychometric) Assessments For your Next Hire

Written by Sarah Duggan on Jul 16, 2015

Aside from knowing a potential employee’s education, skills, experience, and other professional attributes, it can be useful to have an overall picture of a candidate’s styles or preferences of behaviour in terms of their personality before making an offer.

Psychometric testing is increasingly being used in the recruitment process to measure a candidates ability in terms of numerical, verbal, logical and critical reasoning.  However, measuring preferred styles of behaviour through behavioural assessments helps you as a prospective employer understand other traits that make a candidate a more desirable employee prospect to fit with your organisations culture and values.

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Everything You Need To Know About Psychometric Assessments

Written by Sarah Duggan on Jun 15, 2015

What words does the term “Psychometrics” conjure up to you? Does it send shivers down your spine? Do your hairs stand on end? Do you dismiss them as adding little value?

Despite psychometrics being used in hiring for over 10 years and their increasing popularity amongst hiring managers and HR teams, I often encounter misconceptions about the insights they provide and the value they bring… I've even heard senior leaders compare psychometrics to a new age fad!

In truth, psychometrics are actually based on the theory and technique of psychological measurement; created using a combination of science, psychology, mathematics and technology.  This in turn can be designed in such a way as to measure knowledge, ability, attitude and personality. 

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