3 Key Reflections from the Procurement Leaders World Procurement Congress 2017

Written by Neal Mankey on May 18, 2017

My learnings from the Procurement Leaders World Procurement Congress 2017 and how Interim Executives can help.

The world of procurement is changing at pace.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Procurement Leaders to their World Procurement Congress at the InterContinental Hotel, O2 in London this week. There was an array of hot topics and discussions particularly around automation, strategy and talent which got me thinking how procurement interims can bring value in these areas for today’s CPO’s.

These trends represent a fantastic opportunity for the Interim Procurement industry and as the Practice Manager for Interim Procurement here at EO, I left the conference very buoyed and excited for the future.

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How to Identify the Right Product Leader for Your Business…and Why This Is So Damn Important!

Written by Ben Walton on May 17, 2017

It all sounds so simple really. To stay ahead of the competition and be successful, Technology board rooms up and down the country know that they need to differentiate, successfully commercialise and build effective, user-friendly products.

So, how does product play a part and what are the four kinds of Product Leader you should consider for your business?

Historically, Commercial Leaders were tasked with defining key products and functionality and then filtering down these plans to the tech teams to implement. Having someone to look at strategy and someone else to put this into practice is all very straight forward in theory…but they were missing a trick.

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The SaaS Go-To-Market Stage – Why It's Critical That Sales and Technology Functions Should Continue to Work Seamlessly

Written by Szu Hill on May 15, 2017

Hi there, I am Szu and I am part of the executive search team in EO Executives who identify and place the best and brightest talent for the C-level/VP roles we have. Previously, I worked with IT Services companies in solutions & product development. At HPE, as part of my MSc in IT, I worked in the global cloud services team to help design a cloud Integration platform for small & medium-sized independent software vendors. At CSC, I led the R&D part of the solutions development function to deliver new IaaS/SaaS offerings.

Early this year, EO Executives surveyed over 100+ industry leaders who were mainly a mixture of CTO’s and Commercial Directors to understand how aligned sales and technology teams are in modern business, which resulted in a theme blog “Are Sales and Technology Pulling in Different Directions?”

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6 Key Changes for Britain’s Retail Sector

Written by Lucy Bielby on May 11, 2017


As Head of the HR Practice at Executive Search firm EO Executives, and having worked in the HR space for over 10 years, I have seen many industry trends come and go. However, retail is one of the key spaces I am (as are a vast majority of my network) seeing the most exciting changes in terms of transformation and hiring trends.

In the press, we are hearing about the great retail success stories from distributors such as Boohoo, Missguided and Farfetch. So, just how are these brands achieving this in a market that has proven to be volatile for other retailers like Jaeger and BHS?

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Tips for Hiring Commercial Talent - The Lone Wolf

Written by Ryan Hill on May 05, 2017

Image Source - The Huffington Post

The Lone Wolf – Your Biggest Asset and Biggest Problem:

As an Associate Director and Head of the Commercial Practice at leading search firm EO Executives, I frequently get the opportunity to meet with interesting and high profile individuals in the commercial market. Being an avid networker and regularly attending C-Suite meetings, I have noticed that there is one obvious key trend that everyone in this space is talking about.

So, let’s discuss this further…

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4 Steps to Create Impact as an Interim Leader

Written by Craig Saxby on May 05, 2017


As an Interim Leader your ability to create impact is the key ingredient for both your success and the success of the organisations that hire you. After all, you’ve typically been engaged to implement change and turn the business around in a short amount of time, so you’ve got to hit the ground running. 

The first few days are the most crucial in any new interim assignment, whether it’s a transformation, change or a turnaround programme this your opportunity to outline goals, objectives and manage the expectations of the business.

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5 Tips for Hiring a Quality Chief Commercial Officer

Written by Ryan Hill on Apr 28, 2017

As an Associate Director and Head of the Commercial Practice at EO Executives, I get the privilege of meeting with industry leaders and top talent on a regular basis. This gives me the opportunity to stay up to date with what is going on in the market and stay engaged with my client’s priorities.

Having worked in this space for over 10 years, I have seen the many challenges that organisations have gone through to entice and retain top talent into their business. For some, the process is easier than others but in the end every business needs to implement a hiring strategy that works for them (especially in the war for talent).

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4 Insights for Managing Up – The Inside Track on Leading in a Founder Owned Business

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Apr 28, 2017

Those are some very big shoes to fill - working as a new MD for a Founder can feel like having the weight of the world on your shoulders.

It’s often a heady mix of driving growth, managing legacy and being the conduit between the Founder and the employee teams – not easy!

At EO Executives we are lucky enough to be working with some of the fastest growing businesses in the country and help the Founders of these businesses attract great MD’s. This is a tricky transitional period for the business owner (and the employee’s for that matter) as control is relinquished in the spirit of driving further growth.

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5 Key Things an Interim General Counsel Can Bring to Your Business

Written by Paul Mendelssohn on Apr 26, 2017

As an Associate Director of Global Executive Search Firm EO Executives, I also head up the Finance and Legal Recruitment Practice. Over the years, I have worked with leading organisations to place industry leaders into their teams. From regularly speaking with this stakeholder group I have seen an increasing demand for a legal division in our specialist services, leading EO to expand our offerings and work with organisations to provide top talent forin-house legal roles

For blue chip organisations, there is no questioning the need for an in-house lawyer but there can often be some disparity around what is required for smaller businesses. So, I spoke with highly experienced General Counsel Mark Hogarth to outline at the benefits of hiring an in-house legal counsel

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Going It Alone… to VC or Not to VC?

Written by Ryan Hill on Apr 07, 2017

As an Associate Director and Head of the Commercial & Technology Practice at EO, I get the opportunity to regularly meet with leading industry experts and uncover the key trends and movements that are happening in the market. It is no secret that launching a businesses is a daunting and challenging process.

So, to uncover the true secrets that come with that journey I met with Sarah McVittie- co-founder of Dressipi, a London based fashion technology start up that offers women a truly tailored shopping

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