How Do I Get Noticed By Executive Recruiters?

Written by Jasmine Stirling on Sep 05, 2016

As a digital marketing expert working in recruitment I wanted to share some tips on how to market yourself in a way that will get you noticed by those top recruiters.

No matter what profession you're in at some point in our careers it's likely we've all needed to search for a new role. There is often a misconception that sending a CV to a few companies is all it takes but at Executives Online we know there is more to it than meets the eye. 

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A Winning Senior Executive CV Template [Video]

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Nov 26, 2015

CVs are a difficult topic as people tend to get a lot of conflicting advice from either friends or colleagues or so-called professionals in the space around how it should be structured and the things to watch out for.

We're quite lucky. We've got in the region of 250,000 Executive CVs in our global database so we've seen everything from the very good, to the not so good. What we've managed is do is form a view, and distill this down into a template, which we think will really be beneficial to anybody about to go to market or in the middle of any sort of job search activity.

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