Is Your Marketing Working for You? What Does a Good ROI Look Like?

Written by Paul Mendelssohn on Mar 22, 2017

As an Associate Director of global executive search firm EO Executives, I also head up the Finance recruitment practice. Through regularly meeting with leading SME FDs, CFOs, MDs and CEOs in my network, I am frequently asked about how Finance teams should be managing marketing (specifically search) spend within their organisations.

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5 Ways Finance Directors & CFOs can add value to SMEs

Written by Paul Mendelssohn on Jan 30, 2017

What can an interim Finance Director bring to SME business?

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7 Factors CFOs Need to Know About Blockchain

Written by Paul Mendelssohn on Jan 24, 2017

Over recent years blockchain technology has been highly disruptive in the world of finance, with internet searches rising year on year. And it doesn't stop there, the development of blockchain isn’t slowing down, with many industry leaders declaring it has the potential to change how organisations do business.

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What do CEOs need from CFOs?

Written by Paul Mendelssohn on Dec 07, 2016

As businesses become more agile and innovative the requirements of many roles are likely to change in 2017 and beyond. With the ever-evolving economy, the uncertainty of Brexit and the new challenges of rising commodity prices and volatility in the FX markets, CEOs need a new type of CFO.

They need a blend of both a FD and CFO who can not only be a commercial leader but can be highly agile and adapt to the modern landscape – it’s a vital partnership.

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Completing the Finance and Procurement Puzzle...

Written by Paul Mendelssohn on Oct 13, 2016

We recently surveyed over 300 industry leaders and found that Finance and Procurement still don't agree on a number of key business initiatives. It was surprising to find that only 20% of both CFOs and CPOs felt the two functions were aligned on communication, processes, reporting, culture and training.

To gain an inside perspective on the issue, we joined forces with our well-connected network to run a senior leadership guest webinar. The event proved to be a great success and provided some valuable insights into how Finance and Procurement can get more aligned on areas such as people, process, technology and communication. 

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Creating An Alliance Between Procurement & Finance

Written by Craig Elvin on Oct 12, 2016

The Finance and Procurement relationship is arguably one of the most controversial  within any organisation, as it is one of the most integrated and yet most distant. Executives Online recently surveyed over 300 senior industry leaders finding that only 20% of CPOs and CFOs felt the two functions were aligned on key business initiatives. 

To understand this interesting relationship further our team reached out to our strong network of senior leaders and invited them to participate in our thought leadership webinar

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From Zero To Hero With Zero- Based Budgeting

Written by Paul Mendelssohn on Sep 15, 2016

As an Associate Director at Executives Online, I also head up the finance practice, meeting on average 15-20 CFOs each month. These meetings can be a great insight into the current trends that are occurring throughout various industries. 

The food and beverage sector is one of the key industries the Executives Online team works with on a regular basis. Through regularly meeting finance professionals in this space I have witnessed two prominent themes and wanted to share my thoughts.

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How Aligned Are Finance and Procurement?

Written by Paul Mendelssohn on Sep 05, 2016

Finance and procurement should commonly align on similar projects but despite the fact that both functions work to achieve similar goals there is often uncertainty around what procurement means for finance and what finance means for procurement.

Actively headhunting in the Finance space and working closely with CFOs on a daily basis, I wanted to uncover the truth about the finance and procurement relationship, so myself and my colleague Craig Elvin set to survey 315 C level executives within these business functions. 

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What Do Finance and Procurement Really Agree On?

Written by Craig Elvin on Aug 30, 2016

It’s still not working...

Our recent survey suggests that procurement and finance executives fundamentally agree on one thing and one thing only… that they are not well aligned! 

To the business executives outside of the procurement and finance functions this lack of alignment has always been a bit of a bemusing mystery. “Surely they should collaborate fully?” they cry whilst proclaiming “No wonder we can’t fully get a grip on our cost base”.

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The Impact On Finance Following Britain’s Decision to Leave The EU

Written by Paul Mendelssohn on Aug 16, 2016

Following the result of Britain’s decision to leave the EU the team at Executives online were quick off the mark to survey over 1,000 senior leaders across the UK and the rest of Europe. Our goal was to gain an understanding into how businesses across all industries have been directly impacted.

As an Associate Director at Executives Online, I also work actively within finance and directly with CFOs on a daily basis. It is fundamental for me to understand how the finance sector is performing and so I set to grasp exactly how finance has been impacted by the Brexit result. 

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