Expert Opinion - Interim Insights - May 2017

Written by Craig Saxby on May 22, 2017
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3 Key Reflections from the Procurement Leaders World Procurement Congress 2017

Written by Neal Mankey on May 18, 2017

My learnings from the Procurement Leaders World Procurement Congress 2017 and how Interim Executives can help.

The world of procurement is changing at pace.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Procurement Leaders to their World Procurement Congress at the InterContinental Hotel, O2 in London this week. There was an array of hot topics and discussions particularly around automation, strategy and talent which got me thinking how procurement interims can bring value in these areas for today’s CPO’s.

These trends represent a fantastic opportunity for the Interim Procurement industry and as the Practice Manager for Interim Procurement here at EO, I left the conference very buoyed and excited for the future.

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4 Steps to Create Impact as an Interim Leader

Written by Craig Saxby on May 05, 2017


As an Interim Leader your ability to create impact is the key ingredient for both your success and the success of the organisations that hire you. After all, you’ve typically been engaged to implement change and turn the business around in a short amount of time, so you’ve got to hit the ground running. 

The first few days are the most crucial in any new interim assignment, whether it’s a transformation, change or a turnaround programme this your opportunity to outline goals, objectives and manage the expectations of the business.

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Three Key Elements to Deliver Finance Transformation

Written by Paul Mendelssohn on Jul 29, 2016

Co-authored with Ashley Waite

As an executive search consultant working within the finance market, I meet on average 10-15 CFOs per month. The key recurring themes from my meetings tend to be centred on change management and how CFOs can drive these projects, whilst being transparent and more connected to the business.

I sat down with Ashley Waite, Finance and IT Transformation Director at NTT Data to co-author this article. Ashley believes that CFOs need to focus on three key interrelated elements: people, process and technology. He also talked about how this will enable CFOs and their teams to become better business partners.

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Executives Online Voted Top 20 Interim Management Firm

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Jul 19, 2016

The 2016 IIM survey results were recently published and we are proud to have retained our Platinum Partner status as a top 20 Interim Management provider for the fifth year in a row. As one of the first recruitment firms to specialise in interim management, it’s a testament to our team that we have consistently been voted as a key provider in this space since the IIM survey began.

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When To Use Interim Managers vs Consultants vs Internal Resources For Change Projects

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Jun 16, 2016

Change is the new business as usual. As a global Interim Management and Search Firm we know that modern resource management in the context of projects is both tricky and a huge opportunity for leadership teams.

The vast majority of business leaders we deal with are either in growth or change mode and need help fast with their major strategic programs.

Changing social demographics, disruptive new technologies and globalisation all require fresh leadership and fresh perspectives. But where should you turn to obtain this additional input and resource for these vital initiatives and projects?

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24 Tips For Becoming An Interim Manager [Video]

Written by Andrew Nicholas on May 31, 2016

Becoming an interim manager is potentially a very exciting career move. From interim management you often get a lot more variation than you have had in your corporate career, the ability to negate a lot of the politics that you've previously been involved with and potentially some very good reward. A lot of people, when they first get into interim management though are quite surprised by the number of different factors that lead to a successful interim career. The team at EO have put together the following tips for you if you're thinking about becoming an interim manager to help you navigate all that.

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What's The Impact Of Solvency II So Far? 40 Insurance Experts Share Their View

Written by Eve Hartridge on Apr 28, 2016

Solvency II went live earlier this year after 10 years of preparation and over £3bn in UK insurance investment. The deadline to implement Solvency II across the EU was January 1st 2016 and the objectives of this legislative change were to improve consumer protection, modernise supervision, deepen EU market integration and increase the competitiveness of EU insurers.

Although it's too early to tell whether this legislative change has had the intended impact, we spoke to more than 40 insurance experts to gauge their reaction to the implementation of Solvency II so far and what effects it was having on the insurance industry as a whole.

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How To Prepare For An Executive Job Search [Video]

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Apr 21, 2016

If you’re looking to start a new executive job search it may have been a while since you were last in the job market. Whilst the fundamental structure of a job search has stayed the same, the changing dynamics of the job market over the past 5 years have meant that technology more than ever plays a crucial role in how you engage with the market and find opportunities. 

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5 Ways Procurement Can Save It's Brand Image

Written by Craig Elvin on Apr 11, 2016

In the Procurement industry we face a challenge with our brand – people still don’t fully understand the strategic importance of what we do! 

“Brand Procurement” is generally totally misunderstood and built on tactical stereotypes that are holding back the ability of procurement professionals to be truly impactful.  It has gotten so bad that some CPOs have dropped the word procurement entirely and now call their team’s commercial managers or alliance specialists!

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