3 Ways to Get Noticed by Executive Headhunters

Written by Jasmine Stirling on Sep 05, 2016

As a digital marketing expert working in recruitment, I wanted to share some tips on how to enhance your personal brand and get noticed by leading executive headhunters.

No matter what profession we're in, at some point in our careers we've probably all needed to search for a new role. There is often a misconception that sending a CV to a few organisations is all it takes but at EO we know there is more to it than meets the eye. 

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How To Prepare For An Executive Job Search [Video]

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Apr 21, 2016

If you’re looking to start a new executive job search it may have been a while since you were last in the job market. Whilst the fundamental structure of a job search has stayed the same, the changing dynamics of the job market over the past 5 years have meant that technology more than ever plays a crucial role in how you engage with the market and find opportunities. 

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8 Top Job Interviewing Tips For Senior Candidates [Video]

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 16, 2016

You've gone through the screening process, your CV has impressed and now it's time close the deal in the interview and secure your next job offer. But how should you prepare? Remembering a few simple tips and techniques can go a long way in helping you make the right impression within your job interview and increase your chances of being presented with a job offer. We asked eight of our experienced recruitment practice heads what their top tip would be to a senior candidate going to interview.

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How To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile For Maximum Visibility

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Dec 18, 2015

Your LinkedIn profile is the shop window to your professional life. With over 400 million members worldwide, it’s hard to imagine life as a job seeker or a recruiter without LinkedIn… it’s become a fundamental part of the recruitment industry.

That being said, senior executives still approach us looking for their next role without having optimised their LinkedIn profile to reflect their background, experience or achievements. Even if you aren’t actively looking for a job, LinkedIn is used extensively by recruiters to find talent for roles, so if you can see yourself changing jobs within the next 5 years it’s definitely worth taking the time to tweak it and maximise your visibility in the marketplace.

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How Is Digital Impacting Recruitment? [Video] Episode 2 - Digital Hiring For Digital Banking

Written by Ben Walton on Oct 23, 2015

In the second video in our series, Ben Walton discusses with Andy McLean about how digital is starting to affect Recruitment, and how businesses must be willing to share value for free if they want to earn attention and respect.

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The Delights And Pitfalls Of A Portfolio Career

Written by Fraser Geekie on Sep 28, 2015

A few years ago I met a chap who, when I asked what he did for a living, replied that he had a “Portfolio Career”. Initially he was somewhat evasive so I pressed further and eventually found out that he had been “let go” from a sales role with a drinks Company and, unable to regain full-time employment, now had a series of part-time roles. 

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Are Candidates Under Pressure To Lie In Interviews?

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Sep 09, 2015

It may come as a shock that 81 percent of people lie about themselves during a job interview. My previous article “Can you spot a lying job applicant?” generated a lot of discussion around the reasons why a candidate might feel the need to embellish or fabricate their CVs in order to secure a job, so in this article we’ll explore why so many people lie during the interview process.

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How To Use Social Media To Build A Talent Pipeline

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Mar 30, 2015


The Internet has made companies more transparent than ever. Social media lets customers see inside a business, and businesses now communicate in a personal yet public way on a daily basis. But the public face of businesses is not just shown to customers. Candidates form an opinion about how progressive companies are by looking at what you choose to share online, and nothing defines a brand’s personality more than its online presence.

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6 Ways You Can Use Technology To Make Better Hires

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Mar 20, 2015

Technological advancements are all around us. From how we store files to how we follow directions, even how we use taxis – technology has made all areas of our lives that little bit better and more convenient.

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The Five Seismic Shifts That Give You The Power In Your Business

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 16, 2015

Over the past few decades, five big power changes have taken place that have given the individuals within an organisation more power than the organisations they work for. But what are these shifts and what do they mean to individuals and businesses?

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