Why Procurement & Supply Chain Leaders Need to Get Better at Hiring

Written by Craig Elvin on May 23, 2017

After giving last week’s Procurement Leaders, World Procurement Congress a week to marinate, I have come to the conclusion that you, todays procurement and supply chain leaders, need to step up your game in the talent market. I listened to countless speakers stand up and tell you that the future is going to be challenging. Automation, VUCA and a millennial workforce are just some of the challenges you and your businesses are facing.

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3 Questions All Business Leaders Should be Asking Themselves

Written by Craig Saxby on Feb 16, 2017

When businesses are stuck with historic way of implementing processes and projects the need for change and transformation is often overlooked. Nonetheless, there is no escaping the need for change, after all how can businesses become more innovative and attract customers, stay ahead of the game and even bring on new talent with outdated methods?

Businesses often implement change and transformation projects for numerous reasons but in the end, the goal is to improve the success of the business. The most successful business leaders understand that change is fundamental for continuous growth, employee retention and the overall running of the business. Continue reading

The Five M's of Modern Leadership

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Nov 04, 2016

Modern, progressive leadership is changing and is an ongoing matter of personal refinement, balance and adjustment.

Organisations are flatter, traditional hierarchies are being demolished and change is the new business as usual. You can no longer just wield a big title or “pull rank” in your communications as your direct reports are assessing your capability as much as you are theirs.

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The Impact On Finance Following Britain’s Decision to Leave The EU

Written by Paul Mendelssohn on Aug 16, 2016

Following the result of Britain’s decision to leave the EU the team at Executives online were quick off the mark to survey over 1,000 senior leaders across the UK and the rest of Europe. Our goal was to gain an understanding into how businesses across all industries have been directly impacted.

As an Associate Director at Executives Online, I also work actively within finance and directly with CFOs on a daily basis. It is fundamental for me to understand how the finance sector is performing and so I set to grasp exactly how finance has been impacted by the Brexit result. 

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The Crucial Lesson For Business Leaders From The Political Debate

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Apr 07, 2015

With the election hotting up, the televised leaders debate made for compelling viewing last week. Both during and after the debate I was monitoring social and mainstream media to try and get a feel for the “winners” on the night and I was surprised by what I found...

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The 5 Essential Skills Of A Future Super Leader

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Feb 18, 2015

Leadership is all about inspiring and motivating your team, installing a sense of purpose within each individual that allows them to fulfil the organisations objectives.

Whilst that will always be true, the demands on leadership are changing. Geopolitical uncertainty and the digital revolution are dramatically changing the global business landscape and asking new questions of business leaders.

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The 5 Secrets Of Every Successful HR Manager

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Feb 09, 2015

Business Legend Jack Welch is a big fan of HR. He has repeatedly stated that HR managers have the most important job in businesses, and that CEOs should value their HR Managers as much as their CFOs.

It often feels like most of HR is no closer to this type of recognition, so what do the most successful HR Managers do to ensure their contribution is valued?

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It’s A Jungle Out There: The Top 5 Leadership Skills That Your Teams Will Need To Survive

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Feb 04, 2015

In business, as in the rest of life, leadership skills are critical now more than ever.

New technologies, geopolitical uncertainty and the fragmentation of international markets bring fresh challenges that require a fresh approach.  The rough terrain can at times feel like you are trying to wade through a dense corporate jungle.

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Do You Gamble When You Hire? [Slideshare]

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 02, 2015

Great people are the key ingredient of any successful company. Numerous business leaders from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to Richard Branson and Lawrence Bossidy have identified hiring people as their most important task and the secret to their success.

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5 Simple Ways to Create a Super Team

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Jan 28, 2015

Creating and leading a super team feels amazing.

The heady mix of collaboration, positive energy and innovation has you charging out of bed and into the office every Monday morning excited at what the week ahead holds.

In addition to the stellar performance and increased productivity it is all the other benefits super teams enjoy which really offer a competitive advantage...

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