How To Write A Great Job Description [Video & Download]

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Jul 07, 2016

The job description or job spec is one of the key tools that enables you to attract top leaders to your hiring process. As a business we specialise in placing senior leaders into high growth companies in fast-moving situations, and the job description plays an important part in that process. There are however lots of common misconceptions when putting together a job brief around how to structure and how to get the best out of it in order to attract top talent.

This article and the accompanying video and download gives you the insight you need on the key things to include in a great job description to ensure that right people are attracted to your process.

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When To Use Interim Managers vs Consultants vs Internal Resources For Change Projects

Written by Andrew MacAskill on Jun 16, 2016

Change is the new business as usual. As a global Interim Management and Search Firm we know that modern resource management in the context of projects is both tricky and a huge opportunity for leadership teams.

The vast majority of business leaders we deal with are either in growth or change mode and need help fast with their major strategic programs.

Changing social demographics, disruptive new technologies and globalisation all require fresh leadership and fresh perspectives. But where should you turn to obtain this additional input and resource for these vital initiatives and projects?

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The £4 Billion Pound Business Opportunity

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 19, 2015

Research by Oxford Economics reported that the overall cost to employers of replacing staff in the UK is a staggering £4.13bn a year.  The reasons for employees leaving vary but common themes crop up. A break down of trust between the individual and management; work expectations during off-hours or holidays; difficult co-workers; taking blame for others mistakes; and organisational inflexibility all contribute to higher turnover rates.

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The Five Seismic Shifts That Give You The Power In Your Business

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 16, 2015

Over the past few decades, five big power changes have taken place that have given the individuals within an organisation more power than the organisations they work for. But what are these shifts and what do they mean to individuals and businesses?

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The True Cost Of A Bad Executive Hire [Infographic]

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 10, 2015

People are a businesses most valuable resource. Actively finding and attracting top talent is a never-ending task for any company that aspires to be the best.

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Is Bias In Your Recruiting Costing You Top Talent?

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 05, 2015

A diverse workforce and inclusive environment creates more committed and motivated employees, attracts top talent, and produces better business performance. Why is it then that so many companies still struggle to achieve the diverse range of talent they need for success?

Prejudices have for the most part been shelved in recent years as the spotlight on diversity in boardrooms has highlighted the many business benefits that a greater mix of people and bigger the pool of experience, skills, knowledge, creativity and views offers.  

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The 5 Critical Mistakes Executives Make Which Demotivate New Hires

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Dec 28, 2014

After going to all the time and effort to find your perfect new hire you want to make sure they hit the ground running.

Research from Deloitte’s has shown that motivated and engaged employees have a positive impact on business performance faster, and that the right support during onboarding is critical to maximising their potential as quickly as possible.

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