A closer look at current developments in the executive recruitment space from a South African perspective

Written by Alison Hassan on Jun 04, 2019

There are many opportunities that are being presented in Africa. As such, we are seeing countless foreign countries making strides onto the continent. For example, China has made massive investments into Africa over the last number of years. Although this bodes well for the economy of the continent, this trend has not seen as many benefits in the executive recruitment space.

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South African Recruitment Trends 2019

Written by Alison Hassan on Mar 27, 2019

According to PWC’s 20th CEO Survey, the two main priorities for a business are attracting the right talent and finding the appropriate technology solutions for the company. While finding the right talent is indeed a constant challenge in the general recruitment space, this is particularly valid for the executive recruitment arena in South Africa.

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EO South Africa expands and opens further locations

Written by Alison Hassan on Mar 15, 2019

We are pleased to announce that our South African office is currently expanding, despite the turbulence we experienced over 2017 / 2018.  This is a strategic move for our executive recruitment business: Nonkululo Maqungo and Deano Govender focus on different areas yet keep at heart the same objective: Results through People.

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A Closer Look On Current Developments of Executive Recruitment From A Dutch Perspective (Part 2)

Written by Joost Eijkens on Mar 05, 2019

In my previous article, I referred in particular to the "time" factor and the resulting changes for the industries from a Dutch perspective. This article will focus on the concept of digitisation in executive recruitment. 

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Employer Branding - Recruiting and Retaining Your People

Written by Ferdinand Lucke on Feb 19, 2019

The aggravating shortage of skilled workers and new demands on the employer present companies with massive challenges in recruiting. It seems that Employer Branding is becoming more and more obligatory if companies wish to prosper, or even just to survive.

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A Closer Look On Current Developments of Executive Recruitment From A Dutch Perspective (Part 1)

Written by Joost Eijkens on Feb 13, 2019

Time is still the decisive factor in filling executive positions

Time is one of the most important KPIs in the recruitment process today. Candidates often leave as quickly as they come in this tight labour market. In terms of time, there are several goals imaginable, which usually involve keeping the time as short as possible. A few examples:

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A Candidate Driven Decade - And Your Way To Win

Written by Ferdinand Lucke on Jan 28, 2019

While we already have a candidate market today, we will see a further intensification in the fight for executives and talents in the coming decade. Allow me to share some background and advise, followed by some great international articles with more insights if you wish. 

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What Does the Future Look Like for Human Resources?

Written by EO Executives on Dec 12, 2018

Over the last decade or so Human Resources has had a reputation of being the function employees to go to for support and guidance around the organisational challenges they face. As a result, HR are often seen as sympathisers for the employees who believe they are perhaps being treated unfairly, or a department that provides employees with the support they may need to evolve in their roles.

If we take a brief look at the history of HR, previously known as Personnel Management, seeing its debut in the 1970's, it is clear to see where this perspective has stemmed from. As a function it comprised of the activities like recruitment, work conditions, welfare of employees, training and development and employee exit (retrenchment, retiring schemes).  The 'Personnel Department' has come a long way since then and from the late '80s developed into Human Resource Management as we know it today.

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Understanding How Business Leaders Contribute to the UK 'Productivity Problem'

Written by EO Executives on Dec 07, 2018

Understanding How Business Leaders Contribute to the UK 'Productivity Problem'- An Exclusive Interview with Interim Operations Expert, Paul Dakin

In case you have missed it, the 10th anniversary of the Lehman Brothers Bank collapse recently occurred that signalled the 2008/09 financial crash. This has led lot of soul searching about UK productivity puzzle which comprises the zero growth of productivity within the British economy since the crash & its current low levels relative to other nations.

On a macro level productivity is hard to understand, but the one thing that can be agreed on is that productivity puts the life into living standards. History makes this very clear. Since the start of the industrial revolution pay & living standards have increased 15-fold since 1750. It is no coincidence that the UK experience since 2008 has been more painful with the “lost decade” & counting since 2008 resulting in a flat-lining/reduction in living standards.

But why has UK relative productivity performance been so poor?

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The Workplace and the 4th Industrial Revolution

Written by EO Executives on Dec 06, 2018


In a recent speech to the Central Bank of Ireland, Mark Carney gave his views on the changing nature of work, specifically the impact of the 4th industrial revolution on all aspects of the economy: 

“We are at the cusp of a 4th industrial revolution, which has the power to transform fundamentally the nature of both work and commerce.” 

Some of the key takeaways from his speech really got me thinking, specifically: 

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