3 Questions All Business Leaders Should be Asking Themselves

Written by EO Executives on Feb 16, 2017
When businesses are stuck with historic way of implementing processes and projects the need for change and transformation is often overlooked. Nonetheless, there is no escaping the need for change, after all how can businesses become more innovative and attract customers, stay ahead of the game and even bring on new talent with outdated methods?

Businesses often implement change and transformation projects for numerous reasons but in the end, the goal is to improve the success of the business. The most successful business leaders understand that change is fundamental for continuous growth, employee retention and the overall running of the business. If your business is yet to undergo any change or transformation, or if there is uncertainty around if this is the right move for your business, you need to ask yourself these three questions:

1. Where you are currently spending you time?

There aren’t enough hours in the day and as a business leader its highly likely you’re working and pace to get things done. Evidently, fixing problems rather than focusing on leading the strategic vision of the business will often be the case. But this should only take up a small proportion of your time and it is fundamental your time is outcome focused.

Time is often taken up by short term pain rather than long term gain but failing to focus on longer term goals will cause every business activity to fall into a reactive and not a proactive approach. As a result, growth is stifled and long term objectives become distant.

Look to invest your time into projects that you enjoy and are passionate about. As the leader of your business your behaviour and hunger for success will have a ripple effect on your employees. By demonstrating your passion for a project, your team will gravitate towards you and lead by your example.

2. Where are your blind spots?

Visibility and transparency are key when it comes to running a successful business and having a clear vision is key for alignment. If your teams are failing to align on key business objectives a change and transformation project could be crucial for ensuring key objectives are met.

Additionally, lack of visibility and understanding around the direction and objectives of the business will only lead to failure. As a leader, you need to be outcome focused and hone in on what you don’t know rather than what you know already. Failing to be honest with yourself around this will only have a detrimental effect on the business.

See this as an opportunity to learn and share your learning's with your employees and they in turn will do this with you.

3. Do you have the right people focused on the right activities?

Choosing the right team for each project is fundamental for ensuring outcomes are met and projects are completed in the timeliest way. Employees will have different skill sets, so ensuring they have the necessary skills to complete the project is crucial.

Whilst employees will already have the necessary skills to complete their assigned projects, businesses should also be investing heavily in up- skilling their teams by giving them the opportunity to grow and progress in the business. In the end, these employees are the future leaders of the business and nurturing them is crucial in ensuring they have the capability to do so.

To have the most suitable team in place, look for people who display the right behaviours and are aligned with your aspirational culture. Behaviours are much harder to change but with the right attitude new skills can be taught.

If your business is in need of change and transformation or currently going through this process and you would like to discuss this further, please get in contact directly at: craig.saxby@executivesonline.co.uk or comment directly on the blog.
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