5 Tips To Make The Right Impression With New Hires

Written by EO Executives on Feb 23, 2015

It feels great when after a lengthy hiring process and having avoided the hiring pitfalls you finally find and secure the perfect person for your new role! It’s an exciting time and while bringing a new person on-board can feel like the end of the journey, it’s really only the start. Now is the time you need to shift your focus from one ‘R’ to another; from Recruitment to Retention.

We use the statistic often, but an alarming 46 percent of new hires fail within 18 months of placement. The first 100 days with your new recruit impacts heavily on the likelihood of long term tenure as during those first 100 days they will be weighing up whether they are with you for the long haul.

So Why 100 Days?

Just as you experienced a stab of excitement at the addition of a top quality individual to your team, your new hire will also be enthusiastic, nervous and excited about their possibilities starting in a new role. The first 100 days are critical as that initial motivation and enthusiasm will start to waver as they become more acclimatised to the company and job, and as motivation falls so too does productivity and the likelihood of long-term tenure.

It’s also your new hires first big moment of truth. If you’ve set up your hiring process correctly, you’ll have positioned your business in a way that would appeal most to your target candidates. Now you’ve got to deliver on that promise and drive home the values, culture and environment that convinced your new hire to switch in the first place.

Start With A 100 Day Plan

An on-boarding plan is the key starting point and critical part of strategic talent management but is often overlooked by busy managers. With no clear owner, the on-boarding process can leave new hires feeling anxious and unappreciated, leading to first year leavers, less engaged employees and a longer time to productivity and contribution.

What Should Your 100 Day Plan Include?

Make sure you put together a plan that helps your new hire do these 5 things from day one:

1. Build Political Support

Your new hire needs friends and allies within the business, help them build these relationships with key stakeholders both within and outside their department.

2. Get More Personal

Your relationship has changed from hiring manager to colleague. Spending time with your new team member to find out who they are away from work, what makes them tick and what their passions are will allow them to open up, relax and feel more themselves.

3. Introduce The Company Culture

Assuming the candidate will understand the company culture and corporate rules just by being within the business is a mistake. Moving jobs can be a big culture shock and your new hire will be worried about doing the wrong thing. Make sure your induction pack gives them some clear pointers on what the company expects and work with them to explain the way the company operates. Crucially give new recruits time to get accustomed to the new culture and have someone on-hand that they can ask questions to without them feeling foolish.

4. Plan Together For The Long Term

Sitting down with your new hire to paint a picture of the future is beneficial to both you and them. It starts to give them ownership of their career within your business, and allows you to highlight the key areas you expect them to add value in the future.

5. Deliver On Expectations

Lastly but most importantly you must deliver on the promises you made when your candidate accepted the position. Everyone does a great ‘sell’ at interviews but does your company really match up to your new hire’s expectations?

The first 100 days is an exciting but stressful time for new hires, especially when their new role requires a change of location or put strain on their personal life. Support them and show them they made the right choice by choosing you!

Combine these tips with a comprehensive appraisal system, clear responsibilities and expectations, and agreed deliverables for both the first 100 days and 12 months, setting your new hires up for a bright future within your business, and ensuring their motivation and productivity stays high.

What next?

If you liked this post then you’ll love our ebook Hiring and Holding onto your Superstars where we go into more detail about how you can improve employee retention for new hires. It’s fun, easy to read and full of great tips so Download It Now!

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