6 Hiring Secrets Recruiters Don’t Want You To Know

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 26, 2015

Most recruiters will tell you that the people you want aren’t easily found; yet miraculously they’ll turn around a short list in a few weeks. The truth is the people you want are busy doing a great job for someone else and your hiring strategy needs to find and engage with them on a level that makes your company intriguing and irresistible; somewhere they really want to be.

So What Can You Do?

If you’ve established your credentials as a destination employer, have a think about how you can actively engage and attract the talent you want. Communicating your credentials in a unique, creative way can help you access the kind of talent no one else can.  Volkswagen’s hidden advert drop was a stroke of genius – in need of a new generation of talented mechanics; the company delivered damaged vehicles to repair shops across the country with a job ad taped to each undercarriage.  Red 5 Studios went one step further, identifying 100 ‘dream’ candidates working for other software companies and sent each a message from the CEO on a personalised iPod.  90 out of 100 recipients responded and three left their jobs to join the Red 5 team. To reach end engage top talent, start applying the principles of Smarter Hiring.

What Is Smarter Hiring?

Smarter hiring looks much deeper than the active 10 percent of the talent pool - finding, attracting and assessing talent in a better way than traditional hiring methods. Combining innovative outreach, psychometric testing, benchmarking, and evaluation gives you access to talent others can’t reach - we talk about this more in our ‘Talent Gamble’ slideshare.

6 steps to Smarter Hiring:

1. Deep Dive Into The Talent Pool

90 percent of the candidate market is already employed, but research by LinkedIn shows that only 15 percent of these are inaccessible and completely happy in their current role. 85 percent will still be receptive to an attractive proposition.  Your approach needs to be more than just credible and professional to hook top talent - different types of candidates will respond to different engagement strategies, so yours needs to have real stand-out.

2. Understand What Top Talent Desires

High fliers aren’t motivated by money alone, they’re looking for new levels of freedom, challenges, autonomy and affiliation. You need to understand what drives their decisions and behaviours and shape your approach accordingly. This should also come through in the way you position your business externally to new recruits.

3. Seduce And Nurture

Track the progress and career steps of top talent in your sector – social channels are invaluable for this, and use your destination employer credentials to create a compelling, tailored proposition. The pipeline of talent requires you to seduce and nurture – your approach has to be special.

Silicon Valley start-up, Quixey, challenged engineers to solve a 60-second programming puzzle in its Smarter Hiring strategy.  Competing for top talent against the likes of Facebook and Google, the company offered engineers a $100 dollar prize every day for a month, and identified and rewarded the talented engineers it wanted to employ in the process.   

4. Apply Rigorous Assessment

Worryingly, many businesses screen their graduates much more thoroughly than the more critical senior hires. Ensure you apply rigorous evaluation assessments through, using a range of technology and media to gain as much valuable information as you can about the candidate ahead of meeting face to face for an interview.

5. Use Science To Test Behaviours and Attitudes

Too many businesses still hire on experience and fire on behaviour. Shortlisting on the strength of a CV alone doesn’t give you the full picture so leverage available technology to help you evaluate and understand the motivations of your candidates before spending time interviewing face to face. Get inside the heads of your critical hires and test attitudes and behaviours, not just competences.

6. Align Future Goals

Consider what your employee’s future looks like; agree on a journey, a vision and a goal. By aligning all these on day one you increase your chances of the inevitable counter offer being rejected.

What Next?

Great people attract great people. Become a destination employer that implements Smarter Hiring, and you won’t struggle to attract the best talent again.  Download our ‘Talent Hiring Strategy Checklist’ where we show you the ultimate hiring strategy you can use to attract and secure top talent.

Talent Hiring Strategy

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