8 Reasons You Should Use Behavioural (Psychometric) Assessments For your Next Hire

Written by EO Executives on Jul 16, 2015

Aside from knowing a potential employee’s education, skills, experience, and other professional attributes, it can be useful to have an overall picture of a candidate’s styles or preferences of behaviour in terms of their personality before making an offer.

Psychometric testing is increasingly being used in the recruitment process to measure a candidates ability in terms of numerical, verbal, logical and critical reasoning.  However, measuring preferred styles of behaviour through behavioural assessments helps you as a prospective employer understand other traits that make a candidate a more desirable employee prospect to fit with your organisations culture and values.

Designed to be used to complement the hiring process, rather than as a standalone assessment of a candidate’s suitability, there are a number of benefits to using specific Behavioural Assessments:

1. You’ll have a more objective selection process

Before an assessment can be carried out your HR team will need to think carefully about the role and the required attributes of the successful candidate. This process allows you to really dial down what you need in a new recruit.

Knowing exactly what you’re looking for will stop you being bamboozled by a candidate that may be excellent, but doesn’t really fit with your requirements.

2. You’ll reduce hiring mistakes

The recruitment process is costly and making a hiring mistake can prove to be even more costly – in fact, the true cost of a bad hire is frightening. Preventing just one wrong hire could save your company thousands of pounds.

Assessments also enables you to avoid falling into the trap of hiring someone who performs well in an interview environment but nowhere else.

3. You’ll be able to understand the whole person

People are more than just the snapshot you’ll get of them during an interview and HR experts will tell you that a person’s CV isn’t always as it seems.

Specific behavioural assessments will give you a much clearer idea of which candidates will thrive in your company and which would clash with your company’s culture.

4. You’ll attract better employees

With around 70% of the bigger companies in the UK now using psychometric testing as part of their hiring process candidates expect any company worth being a part of to use it.

Behavioural assessments will improve the credibility of the recruitment process and show candidates that the role, and their part to play in the company, is valued.

5. You’ll build a more effective team

Behavioural assessments allow you to discover a person’s strengths and development areas and use this to employ someone whose unique skills compliment your existing team rather than employing someone exactly the same as everyone else.

This in turn improves team performance and promotes more effective working relationships.

6. You’ll lower recruitment costs

Assessments are surprisingly cost effective, even for recruiting a chief executive role, meaning you’ll be able to weed out more candidates before you invite them to interview.

The knock on effect is that you’ll be able to reduce travel and administration expenses, as well as reducing the amount of time your senior executives spend less time interviewing candidates.

7. You’ll shorten the hiring process

Recruiting the right person, particularly for executive and more senior roles, can take months and as we all know, time is money.

Online assessment systems give you the ability to pre-screen candidates, speeding up the process, and allowing you to have someone in the job within weeks rather than months.

8. You’ll increase employee engagement

It’s well known that good employee engagement leads to better employee retention and increased productivity.

Behavioural assessments allow you to have clear and objective conversations with your team about professional development and get the most out of your training budget.

Employees that are helped to grow within their company are likely to be more engaged and therefore stick around rather than moving on to what they consider to be bigger and better things. 

What Next

These assessments will provide you with a much clearer insight into a candidates potential suitability and how they might behave in a role. Read more about how to make smarter hires by downloading our popular ebook – ‘Eliminating Deception To Make Better Hires’.

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