Are You Thinking of Becoming an Interim Manager?

Written by EO Executives on Mar 08, 2018


An Interim career is one that has often proved to be as fulfilling as a Permanent career (sometimes even more so). And although working as an Interim Manager has many benefits, it may not suit everyone.  

It can offer varied, flexible ways of working. However, as you leave the security and structure offered by permanent employment it can become challenging.

As working demands change and we enter a gig economy, more individuals should expect to have a stage of their career working for specific periods of time. Particularly, in a market that seems to be becoming task orientated.   

The Interim Managers who are registered and work through EO Executives, report that if they can cope with the uncertainty of being on assignment, then they gain flexibility, independence, variety and freedom from corporate politics. Alongside the ability to very quickly and make a significant difference to the clients they support.

At EO, we are seeing an increased rate of candidates who are discovering the attractions of Interim Management as a career choice, which include:

  • An opportunity, perhaps for the first time to take control of your working life.
  • A more flexible lifestyle, allowing you to pursue other ambitions, or simply to provide more time for other interests.
  • Fulfilling three or four assignments with different organisations over a period of year. This should prove to be more interesting and challenging, and ultimately provide you with a valuable portfolio of business experience.
  • Increased remuneration. If managed correctly, assignments will provide you with increased earnings over the course of a year or alternately free time for which you have already been paid.
  • Greater job satisfaction - avoiding the corporate politics, stress and distractions that are incumbent on a permanent management position, and so being able to focus on the job solely to achieve effective results.
  • For both women and men, the interim route is the ideal, flexible solution for managing the demands of the ‘life’. You can retain good earnings and even improve your position on the career ladder as an Interim.

Would You Make A Good Interim Manager?

Being a good Interim Manager is not the same as being a good Corporate Manager. Whilst Interim Management can be incredibly rewarding, with the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and earn what can be a lucrative day rate, it will be within a challenging environment.

Typically, clients look for experienced senior leaders who are 'over qualified' for the assignment they are looking to fill. Interim managers are paid a premium, and as a result clients expect interim's to have deep knowledge of the specialised skill sets they require. They must also have the gravitas to work autonomously and with limited guidance.

You Need to Consider That…

Being an interim can be stressful.

Yes, some Interim Managers can complete and start new projects in quick succession, but the majority will take a gap between roles. This can be anything from a few weeks, to six months and even a year.

Not to mention, continuously transitioning into new working environments; having to build new relationships can be physically and mentally exhausting. So, it is essential you have the elasticity and confidence to maintain the strain of an interim lifestyle.

Be Prepared…

Clients will expect you to hit the ground running. You will have little orientation or induction. This is why clients expect Interim Managers to have relevant sector experience. Therefore, you will need to build relationships with key business stakeholders quickly to ensure the assignment has the best chance of success.

So, do you think you could succeed as an Interim Manager?

If you think the lifestyle of an Interim Manger would be a good fit for you and are thinking about establishing an interim career, take a look at our recent blog with career Interim- Dawn Wright on How Can an Interim Add Value to Your Business?

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