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5 Steps for Making the Right Impression With Your New Employees

Written by EO Executives on Aug 01, 2018


How to Make the Right Impression With New Employees

Competing with other players in your industry to attract the best talent can be tough. So, when you finally secure your perfect candidate after following a long hiring process, you will want to ensure they are set up for success.  In a recent blog we took a detailed look at the importance of on-boarding candidates and how this contributes to their overall work ethic and performance in a business - read more here.

In this blog we follow on from that topic and take a deeper look at how your business can successfully retain its employees. You may think it is an easy task but one of our previous studies found that 46% of new hires give up within the first 18 months of their placement. An alarming statistic for businesses making crucial hires.

The good news is there are some key steps any business can follow to prevent this...

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Should HR Have a Seat at the Boardroom Table?

Written by EO Executives on Jul 19, 2018

Should HR Have a Seat at the Boardroom Table?

It is no secret that the world around us is changing at a significant rate.

As a result, boards of experienced business leaders who focus on the strategic direction and protection of business interests are now finding that there is an ever-evolving focus on organisational change.

However, with employees providing organisations with competitive advantage, why in many organisations are HR (Human Resources) still having to ‘fight’ their cause as to why they should have a seat at the top table? This is a question I am continuously hearing amongst many industry leaders, and one that I wanted to get some greater understanding on.

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How to Create a Business Contract that Suits Both Parties

Written by EO Executives on Jul 13, 2018

In any business relationship there will be contractual requirements and guidelines outlining either the statement of work or agreement between two or more parties. It is how business is done to ultimately protect a company’s key resources.

Contracts are crucial for any business to successfully operate and without them companies would be operating on a high-risk basis. However, despite their importance and role in protecting companies/individuals, business contracts do not come without complications. Especially when neither party can agree on terms of business or engagement.

Of course, it is in the best interest of the business or individual to protect themselves from possible risks, but a contract needs to be created to suit both parties’ requirements. So, how to you solve this?

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Why Digital Marketing Cannot Stand-Alone

Written by EO Executives on Jul 12, 2018

Why digital Marketing Cannot Stand-Alone

Effects of digitalisation and disruption are present in all business areas and functions.

Marketing is changing: information is available everywhere at any time. Social networks have become increasingly influential. Is traditional Marketing dead?

An interview with Interim Marketing Manager Bettina Scherer-Franz by Andreas Weis, Managing Partner at EO Executives.

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4 Ways to Build a Strong Organisational Culture

Written by EO Executives on Jul 10, 2018

Culture is a vital tool for success in any organisation. It is what identifies a business, its values and its people. A culture is not just defined by a value proposition printed on the wall or a great office, it is defined by its people. The successful organisations have it nailed because you can feel the culture as soon as you walk into the door. It is a buzz that everyone thrives off, a sense of collegiate attitude and a defined psychological environment.

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Why are Candidates Untruthful During the Interview Process?

Written by EO Executives on Jul 05, 2018

Why are candidates untruthful during the interview process?

It may come as a surprise to know that a tremendous 81% of candidates (2015 report) have admitted to lying in a job interview. For the candidate it might seem the only way to land a new role, but for the employer this is likely to have a costly impact when the candidate does not have the right knowledge or skill set to lead a crucial business initiative.

Inevitably, providing false information on your CV or in an interview will backfire.

So, why do candidates feel the pressure to stray from the truth during the interview process?

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The 6 Habits of Great C-Level Leaders

Written by EO Executives on Jun 27, 2018

Partnering with clients to headhunt the very best talent means that the EO Executives team are fortunate enough to network with a number of top business leaders. These leaders are at the peak of their career, or the leaders of tomorrow.  Meeting with them is always an eye-opening opportunity as they can offer a fresh perspective and expertise. 

The added value of placing these leaders into leading businesses is highly rewarding when you witness how they can provide such a positive impact to organisations in a time of need.

The question is, when these leaders have reached the top level of their career, how do they continue their success? This is topic I continuously discuss my network and one that many C-level experts want the answer to.

Once you have made it to the top- how do you continue to grow and be the best leader in your space?

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What Makes a World Class Commercial Leader?

Written by EO Executives on Jun 26, 2018


In recent months we have been witnessing how the top technology leaders operate and what has led them to accelerate their businesses at such an impressive rate.

They are doing something different and are well ahead of the curve. Everyone wants to know their secret; we have had numerous founders and leaders ask the same question- “How can we identify these world class commercial leaders?”

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How to Hire and Hold onto Your New Employees

Written by EO Executives on Jun 25, 2018

Our top tips for hiring and holding onto your new hires...

Congratulations- you may have made a great new hire but the work hasn’t stopped. Knowing that you have invested both time and money into getting it right, you will want to ensure they start with a positive momentum.

It is no secret that energised and motivated employees will perform to a higher standard. With employees who are engaged and feel supported, being highly committed to their goals. But fail support your employees from the start and you will lose their motivation rapidly.

So, how do ensure your employees are in it for the long run?

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How to Identify the Best Resources for Your Business

Written by EO Executives on Jun 20, 2018

In a recent blog The Pros and Cons - Interim Managers vs Management Consultants vs Internal Resources,(read more here) I looked at the three main resourcing options that are available (alongside the potential pro’s and cons) when compiling a project team to drive transformation.

At different stages of a project cycle there are challenges to over come as projects launch, sustain and scale. Being aware of these problems within the change programme and resourcing effectively to mitigate against them, is the key to success.

With this in mind, I have looked at numerous typical organisational project scenarios and offer insights and direction based on EO Executives experience and expertise of the best resources to utilise to ensure projects are a success. 

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