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What Employee Benefits Matter to You?

Written by Executives Online UK on Sep 21, 2017

EO Executives has launched its 2017 employee benefits survey to understand the incentives that truly matter to employees.

As a value driven business, we want people to love their work environment and incentives to matter. After all, in any organisation it is crucial for employees to feel valued by their employers. Benefits not only reward employees but contribute to staff well-being, improve engagement and contribute to staff attraction and satisfaction. 

So, what benefits matter to you?

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Are Sales and Technology Pulling in Different Directions?

Written by Executives Online UK on Mar 24, 2017

How Aligned are Sales and Technology Teams in modern business? Well the simple answer is… they are not.

As a global Executive Recruitment firm we help place leaders within some of the fastest growing and disruptive technology businesses in the country. Through this work, we have frequently noticed the damaging void that seems to exist between the commercial and technology departments within numerous organisations.

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