How to Identify the Best Resources for Your Business

Written by Lucy Bielby on Jun 20, 2018

In a recent blog The Pros and Cons - Interim Managers vs Management Consultants vs Internal Resources,(read more here) I looked at the three main resourcing options that are available (alongside the potential pro’s and cons) when compiling a project team to drive transformation.

At different stages of a project cycle there are challenges to over come as projects launch, sustain and scale. Being aware of these problems within the change programme and resourcing effectively to mitigate against them, is the key to success.

With this in mind, I have looked at numerous typical organisational project scenarios and offer insights and direction based on EO Executives experience and expertise of the best resources to utilise to ensure projects are a success. 

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EO Executives Launch Interim Report 2018

Written by EO Executives on Jun 15, 2018

78% of Interim Managers we surveyed do not feel enough is being done to support the interim community.

We have worked with our interim management network to obtain their insight and thoughts on the interim market. After hearing from both our candidates and clients about the changes they are seeing in the market, we wanted to extend our reach to the wider community. 

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What Results Can You Achieve by Leading an E-Commerce Transformation?

Written by Craig Saxby on Jun 11, 2018


EO were recently engaged by one of the UK's leading e-commerce businesses to source a high calibre, highly pragmatic and highly experienced Transformation/Programme Director. The successful candidate was required to lead a major company-wide digital transformation for one of the clients external partners.  

In the first part of this case study, we uncovered the initial challenges facing our client, along with the solution used to overcome this. Read more here.

In part two, we dig dipper into the Transformation Programme and look at the specific skills and resources the next stage of the assignment required.  

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10 Things to Consider When Expanding Your E-Commerce Supply Chain Overseas

Written by Neal Mankey on May 16, 2018

For any business, expanding their Supply Chain overseas will require strong expertise and a strategic plan. In a previous blog, with Director Tony Leach, we uncovered why more businesses should embark on an overseas expansions. In this second blog, our aim is to provide you with the knowledge on how to actually implement an expansion.

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Why You Should Expand your E-Commerce Supply Chain Overseas

Written by Neal Mankey on May 09, 2018

As a Procurement and Supply Chain headhunter, I have seen a huge trend in UK businesses expanding their online operations overseas.

It’s a great opportunity.

To add value to our client network I have sat down with experienced Director Tony Leach, to produce a two-part series covering why and how you can go about this expansion – and what to watch out for.

So, in this blog we interviewed Tony to look at why you should take your e-commerce operations internationally.

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IIM- Institute of Interim Management Survey 2018

Written by EO Executives on May 01, 2018

The announcement we have eagerly been anticipating has finally arrived- the Institute of Interim Management has launched its annual survey. This is something EO look out for every year, as it is key to obtaining detailed market insight into how we can support the interim community.

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How Do You Determine Resources for Vital Business Projects?

Written by Lucy Bielby on Apr 30, 2018

As an Interim leader, do you have experience in hiring for change / transformation programmes? If so, what would your advice be to organisations?

EO Executives was originally founded on Interim Management but evolved to meet market demands and has operated as both an Interim Management and Executive Search Consultancy for many years now.

Given EO’s value proposition, our team of experts therefore understand that resourcing top talent across the board in today's business climate is extremely challenging.

Most organisations that we work with are either in growth or change mode, and Practice Leads are typically engaged by these clients to source an immediate interim solution to support delivery of such major strategic programs.

Nonetheless, is an Interim Manager always the most suitable resource to provide input and expertise for vital projects?

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The 10 Daily Habits of People with A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Written by Lucy Bielby on Apr 26, 2018


We all have to juggle our professional and personal lives and most of us wish we were better at it. Too often we seem to devote ourselves to one or the other, usually choosing our career over our home life.

However, recognising that your work/life balance could be improved is the first step to making those changes and getting things back on track doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think.

In a popular previous article we gave 8 tips for improving your work life balance, so in this article it made sense to take a closer look at the people who manage their work-life effectively and see what lessons we can learn from them.

So what habits can you pick up to improve your work life balance?

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Corporate Culture - the Topic Everyone Is Talking About

Written by Lucy Bielby on Apr 18, 2018

Corporate Culture - it seems to be the thing that everyone is talking about these days. But what is it, and why should we care?

Corporate culture is both essential for the functionality/ performance of teams within an organisation and the satisfaction of individual employees. 

At EO Executives, we pride ourselves on the successful placement of candidates into organisations based not only on skill-set but also their cultural and behavioural fit. Therefore, as a business we understand the need for an organisation to establish a culture and values to which every employee within their organisation will (hopefully) be aligned to. 

So, to unravel the importance of how to establish a strong culture, we partnered with John Bell,  a Change Expert specialising in business and people strategy development. 

With experience working with brands such as Tesco Bank, Three and Sopra Steria to define their cultural engagement, John was an obvious choice to speak with on the matter.

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How to Successfully Lead a Digital Transformation

Written by Craig Saxby on Apr 17, 2018

Leading a Digital Transformation- Case Study: Part 1

In the current war for talent it can be challenging to entice the best business leaders into your organisation.  

This is when many of our clients turn to external partners like ourselves (executive search or interim consultancies) to gain competitive advantage in sourcing top talent. These leaders will be specialist experts with a proven track record in supporting businesses to overcome their challenges.  

When investing both time and money into sourcing top talent, it is crucial you get it right. Or you run the risk of both falling behind on crucial/ time sensitive projects and wasting costly resources.  

How do you overcome this challenge?

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