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The 6 Habits of Great C-Level Leaders

Written by Craig Elvin on Jun 27, 2018

Partnering with clients to headhunt the very best talent means that the EO Executives team are fortunate enough to network with a number of top business leaders. These leaders are at the peak of their career, or the leaders of tomorrow.  Meeting with them is always an eye-opening opportunity as they can offer a fresh perspective and expertise. 

The added value of placing these leaders into leading businesses is highly rewarding when you witness how they can provide such a positive impact to organisations in a time of need.

The question is, when these leaders have reached the top level of their career, how do they continue their success? This is topic I continuously discuss my network and one that many C-level experts want the answer to.

Once you have made it to the top- how do you continue to grow and be the best leader in your space?

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The Business World Is Changing and Agility Is Becoming a Watchword for Success

Written by Craig Elvin on Apr 05, 2018

The business world is changing – and agility is becoming a watchword for success.

If evidence of this shift were needed, then events this month have proved it decisively.

Here at EO Executives, we have followed the dramatic shift in fortunes of companies that were once held up as 'examples' of how businesses should be run.

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Has Procurement Become the Victim of its Own Success?

Written by Craig Elvin on Mar 21, 2018


In many ways procurement has become a victim of its own success.

In the dark days that followed the global economic collapse in 2007-2008, business leaders consistently looked to procurement to help achieve the savings and efficiency that would not only improve the bottom line but, in many cases, also secure the company's future.

So, successful has procurement been in the past decade that the functions’ standing has risen to previously unthinkable heights. From being a back-office, order processing backwater, it has now become one of the most vibrant and critical organisations within a business.

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Challenge Is the New Norm for MD’s, Owners and Founders of SME’s- So Learn to Manage It.

Written by Craig Elvin on Jan 18, 2018

We live in a world of constant change and challenge. Gone are the days of 3-year business plans, long term horizons and any semblance of normality or certainty. In previous blogs, I have spoken about the qualities required by leaders to be able to handle that change and come out on top. However, in this series of blogs I wanted to discuss the common challenges facing SME leaders in 2018.

As a business leader it is great to know you are not on your own, but also important to handle the challenges you will ultimately face at some point in your career. Over the next few weeks, I will be looking at the following areas and gaining insight from industry leaders. These insights will both prepare you for uncertainty and provide you with the understanding around the key skills needed to tackle these common encounters.

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Why Your LinkedIn Profile Should Always Be on Point

Written by Craig Elvin on Nov 08, 2017

Your LinkedIn profile should be on point even if you aren’t looking for a new position.

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? At EO Executives, we believe there is a huge missed opportunity around using LinkedIn as a platform for engagement. Too many business leaders are neglecting their opportunity to engage, attract and entice top talent.

Yes,LinkedIn is a platform for individuals to promote their personal brand, create an online CV and get in-front of potential employers, but it is also important for brand promotion.

LinkedIn is essentially a networking platform for business professionals, but it is also extremely busy and competitive. Brands and their business leaders should be using LinkedIn to make new connections, demonstrate their market offering and attract new employees.

As Executive Headhunters, we see it time and time again when talking to a candidate about a new role. The first thing they ask is “who is the company and who will I be working for?”. And the first thing they do is go onto LinkedIn to understand more. Potential candidates want to see impressive profiles of the brands and leaders they could be working for. And guess what? If your profile is not up to scratch, they will not be interested.

First impressions are key

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How to Unite a Dysfunctional Procurement Team

Written by Craig Elvin on Oct 25, 2017

So, you have been parachuted into a new CPO role and are ready to tackle the challenge head on...but here’s the catch:

90% of the time a new CPO is hired to fix something that is broken.

Many years of procurement recruitment has taught me that that dysfunctional procurement teams are prevalent and common.  Before you even start the hard yards of engaging your internal stakeholder population and confronting the supply base you have to sort out your own team and ensure that everyone is aligned and collaborative.   

Politics, silos and huge ego’s stand in your way but here are my top tips on turning around a dysfunctional procurement group...

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Are You Supporting Your Corporate Athletes?

Written by Craig Elvin on Oct 19, 2017

What are you doing to support your corporate athletes?

Following my recent conversation with Jaynes Carrington and seeing the excellent work she is doing at Dialogue First; as well and having interviewed not one, but two, former GB Athletes recently got me to ask the question, what are we doing to support our corporate Athletes?

In an age of disruption, increased market pressures and Geo-political uncertainty, it is widely accepted that you need the most agile, intelligent, driven and dynamic corporate athletes in your business if you want to be successful. After all, the businesses with the best people win.

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How Can Interim Procurement Leaders Drive Innovation?

Written by Craig Elvin on Oct 18, 2017

Procurement teams are uniquely placed to drive innovation across global businesses as a direct result of the view they have throughout the value chain - this is currently a huge missed opportunity for us all.

Proactively implementing innovative initiatives will ensure that procurement departments are viewed as a truly strategic function and help push procurement executives up into the C-suite.

So where to start?

Get your team out of their seats!

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The Companies with the Best People Win. Fact.

Written by Craig Elvin on Oct 05, 2017

The companies with the best people win. Fact.

Whilst you are looking for the perfect candidate, the perfect candidate wants to know that you offer enough career enhancement to make the move. As an SME, you may not have the brand or reputation that high performing individuals will automatically want to associate themselves with. So, get smart.

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Are You Neglecting Your Most Important Supply Chain?

Written by Craig Elvin on Jul 06, 2017


The more time I spend with businesses, of all sizes, less surprises me. However, what does surprise me is how many neglect their talent supply chains. Many them have honed and defined their supply chains into highly efficient, state of the art operations that produce better results and at a lower cost than ever before. Experienced, skilled procurement professionals add huge amounts of value to their business through supplier innovation and sophisticated sourcing models. 

When I ask these businesses how their talent supply chain is shaping up, I often get the same blank expression staring back at me. Think about it. Who is going to deliver that award-winning supply chain in the future?

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