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Understanding How Business Leaders Contribute to the UK 'Productivity Problem'

Written by Craig Saxby on Dec 07, 2018

Understanding How Business Leaders Contribute to the UK 'Productivity Problem'- An Exclusive Interview with Interim Operations Expert, Paul Dakin

In case you have missed it, the 10th anniversary of the Lehman Brothers Bank collapse recently occurred that signalled the 2008/09 financial crash. This has led lot of soul searching about UK productivity puzzle which comprises the zero growth of productivity within the British economy since the crash & its current low levels relative to other nations.

On a macro level productivity is hard to understand, but the one thing that can be agreed on is that productivity puts the life into living standards. History makes this very clear. Since the start of the industrial revolution pay & living standards have increased 15-fold since 1750. It is no coincidence that the UK experience since 2008 has been more painful with the “lost decade” & counting since 2008 resulting in a flat-lining/reduction in living standards.

But why has UK relative productivity performance been so poor?

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What Results Can You Achieve by Leading an E-Commerce Transformation?

Written by Craig Saxby on Jun 11, 2018


EO were recently engaged by one of the UK's leading e-commerce businesses to source a high calibre, highly pragmatic and highly experienced Transformation/Programme Director. The successful candidate was required to lead a major company-wide digital transformation for one of the clients external partners.  

In the first part of this case study, we uncovered the initial challenges facing our client, along with the solution used to overcome this. Read more here.

In part two, we dig dipper into the Transformation Programme and look at the specific skills and resources the next stage of the assignment required.  

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How to Successfully Lead a Digital Transformation

Written by Craig Saxby on Apr 17, 2018

Leading a Digital Transformation- Case Study: Part 1

In the current war for talent it can be challenging to entice the best business leaders into your organisation.  

This is when many of our clients turn to external partners like ourselves (executive search or interim consultancies) to gain competitive advantage in sourcing top talent. These leaders will be specialist experts with a proven track record in supporting businesses to overcome their challenges.  

When investing both time and money into sourcing top talent, it is crucial you get it right. Or you run the risk of both falling behind on crucial/ time sensitive projects and wasting costly resources.  

How do you overcome this challenge?

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Why Hire a Transformation Director? Everything You Need to Know.

Written by Craig Saxby on Mar 21, 2018

Why Hire a Transformation Director? Everything You Need to Know.

Exclusive Q&A with Suraj Bithal - Change and Transformation Director

With numerous businesses going through major change and transformations to ensure they stay sustainable, relevant and profitable, it is paramount they ensure the best resources are in place. Organisational changes are crucial times and are both challenging and resource heavy. The idea of a change or transformation is to resolve a significant issue affecting the business, and thus, how that is resolved will determine the future of that organisation. 

Of course, change and transformation projects can be carried out across one area of the business- to solve a particular functional issue. But, the result will have a domino like effect on the rest of the organisation. Therefore, there is no time for mistakes.  

This is when many organisations engage highly experienced interim experts, to join there organisation for an interim and support them in achieving their goals. 

Founded on Interim ManagementEO Executives work with organisations to source the best Interim Managers for their specialist assignments. So, to give you a better insight we collaborated with Suraj Bithal, an expert in his field. With over 15 years' experience in IT Change and Transformation, Suraj has holistic transformation expertise aligned with IT Infrastructure and business acumen, and has also worked with high profile clients, including:  Lehman Brothers (whilst in Administration) PWC, Vocalink, and Monitise. 

What makes Suraj the ideal person to talk to is that he has worked on both the client and vendor side. Understanding both what a client looks for in an Interim Manager and why they would engage them; what knowledge and skillsets are needed to succeed.  

If you're interested in reading the expert opinion on everything you need to consider before, during and after a transformation, continue reading... 

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What Is the Value in Lean Thinking? And How Can It Fail?

Written by Craig Saxby on Mar 15, 2018

As Head of the Interim Practice at EO Executives, I work with specialist interim experts, who are hired into organisations to lead major change and transformation programmes. A key reason our clients engage with us to source experts for such projects, is that they have a specific goal in mind.

Lean Thinking is one of those goals. Many organisations carry out Lean Transformation projects to minimise waste throughout their manufacturing process, but the objective is always to ensure productivity remains the same. Or event better, increases.

But do they really work and how can you ensure success?

To delve into this further, I spoke with leading and highly experienced Operations Manager, Paul Dakin. With over 25 years’ experience in managing large complex PLC/SME industrial sites, Paul has a deep understanding around what Lean really entails.

There is a continual stream of LinkedIn posts around the top reasons for why ‘Lean Transformation Programmes’ fail. They usually focus on the failure of some aspect of the process itself, or the inability of the organisation and its people to drive through the usual and inevitable problems that they will encounter.

Paul shares his thoughts:

I am not a consultant but an Operations Manager with 25 years' of practical experience of applying Lean Transformation across a range of manufacturing sites. Over that time, the three key points I have learnt are that...

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The Key Habits Needed for Career Progression

Written by Craig Saxby on Dec 12, 2017

As an Associate Director of EO Executives, I have had an extensive career in both placing high calibre candidates into senior roles and providing career advice around how individuals can progress in their careers. For the Senior Level/ C-Suite/ Board Level it can be challenging to visualise further career progression because arguably they have already reached an elevated level of progression. Nonetheless, there is always room for development, whether it is taking on a more challenging role or building on core skills and qualities.

So, ask yourself the following:

Have you stopped progressing in your professional career? Do you want to improve but are unsure on where you need to focus? Perhaps you’re struggling to understand what you need to be doing daily to become a strong leader. Regardless of how hard you work, you just cannot seem to shift the big rocks on your desk and make some real progress for both yourself and your team. You get bogged down in the doing and mundaneness of your role. It’s not to say you don’t enjoy your work but you keep asking yourself “is this it?”

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5 Benefits of Hiring an Interim Manager

Written by Craig Saxby on Jul 18, 2017


As customers are increasingly demanding more from businesses, it is unsurprising that so many organisations are going through some form of change and transformation. However, to ensure these journeys are successful every business will need experts in their teams who they can trust. This is when many turn to high calibre interim managers to guide their teams in the right direction.

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Expert Opinion - Interim Insights - May 2017

Written by Craig Saxby on May 22, 2017
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4 Steps to Create Impact as an Interim Leader

Written by Craig Saxby on May 05, 2017


As an Interim Leader your ability to create impact is the key ingredient for both your success and the success of the organisations that hire you. After all, you’ve typically been engaged to implement change and turn the business around in a short amount of time, so you’ve got to hit the ground running. 

The first few days are the most crucial in any new interim assignment, whether it’s a transformation, change or a turnaround programme this your opportunity to outline goals, objectives and manage the expectations of the business.

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3 Steps for Implementing Successful Transformational Change

Written by Craig Saxby on Mar 13, 2017

In an ever-evolving business world, organisations can no longer afford to ignore the need for change. To stay ahead of the game, effectively engage with customers and entice top talent, businesses must regularly review all aspects of the organisation and occasionally go through periods of transformation. After all, a business is unlikely to have the ability to operate in a competitive market using out-dated processes.

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