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How Does an SME Remain Competitive in the War for Talent?

Written by Lucy Bielby on Nov 30, 2018

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are recorded to make up 97% of organisations in the UK (excluding micro-businesses), and therefore it would seem fitting that they are shouldering most of the skills shortage challenge that we are seeing in the UK.

According to a recent survey by The Open University¸ small businesses are feeling the strain when it comes to talent attraction with three in five (62%) feeling that losing highly skilled candidates to larger competitors, significantly affects their organisation’s growth potential. 

Whilst the feeling of many business leaders seems to be that the larger organisations monopolise the best talent in the market. It is key to remember that different skill-sets and behaviours are required in the fast-paced start up environment than an established FTSE organisation.

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What Is HR Interim and Why Should It Matter to Your Business?

Written by Lucy Bielby on Oct 18, 2018

What is HR interim and why should it matter to your business?

Simply put, Interim HR (Human Resources) Management is the use of HR experts on a temporary/ short-term basis. HR Interim Managers are experts in their field and are typically hired by organisations to solve critical business challenges through their own limited companies.

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Why Your 2019 Hiring Process Needs to Start Now

Written by Lucy Bielby on Oct 01, 2018

Why Your 2019 Hiring Process Needs to Start Now

You may have been thinking about hiring a potential CEO, Managing Director or HR Director, with plans to have them on board and ready to start next financial year, but have you considered how this process will play out from a practical perspective?

Heading up the HR practice at EO Executives, I am privileged enough to work with some of the most influential business leaders in the UK supporting them on their hiring needs.

These are forward thinking, innovative business leaders who are contributing to the ever-evolving business world but when it comes to hiring, can often forget about the sourcing process and time involved in hiring high potential business leaders.

Whether I am partnering with start-ups/ SME’s or FTSE organisations, I need to ensure that they are all hiring the most impressive and suitable leaders for their individual businesses.

What hiring challenge do they all have in common?

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Why Are We Experiencing Gender Gaps at a Senior Level?

Written by Lucy Bielby on Aug 30, 2018

Working closely with the internal hiring team at EO Executives to attract new talent, has pushed me to reflect on the lack of gender diversity within the recruitment industry at senior level.  

Whilst recruitment providers are not facing this challenge in isolation, it has really got me thinking about why this is the case and what can be done about it. Following several conversations with HR leaders within my network on the topic, there was one reference to this challenge that really stood out to me. The recruitment industry is facing a “Missing Middle.”

So where does it all start?   

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Is the Traditional Expat Model Declining? 3 Ways Organisations Are Replacing It

Written by Lucy Bielby on Aug 20, 2018

The term expat can mean a range of things, but the most common and widely known are those lengthy (2-5 year) international assignments at a mid to senior level.

Not so long ago these were the key ‘go to’ people moves for organisations.

It felt as if there was a whole range of problems that sending off your mid/senior leaders (and their families…) could fix - whether it be launching new products and services, running an ‘overseas’ market or simply rounding off the development of your ‘best and brightest’ with some time away from the corporate HQ.

The world is becoming more global and interconnected and having the right talent, in the right place, at the right time remains as important as ever.

With data suggesting more people than ever are living and working away from their home market - yet the expat model seems to be showing a decline. So what is going on?

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Are You Considering the Benefits That a Neurodiverse Workforce Could Bring to Your Business?

Written by Lucy Bielby on Aug 08, 2018

Are you considering the benefits that a Neurodiverse workforce could bring to your business?

In a world where organisations are looking to get the best from their people to obtain competitive advantage, we are seeing more businesses focusing on diversity and diversity management (training and awareness).

It has been proven that organisations that serve a diverse population or audience can more adequately serve their markets when employees can relate to their customers.

So, why is it then still so rare that we hear of Neurodiversity being openly spoken of in the workplace?

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Should HR Have a Seat at the Boardroom Table?

Written by Lucy Bielby on Jul 19, 2018

Should HR Have a Seat at the Boardroom Table?

It is no secret that the world around us is changing at a significant rate.

As a result, boards of experienced business leaders who focus on the strategic direction and protection of business interests are now finding that there is an ever-evolving focus on organisational change.

However, with employees providing organisations with competitive advantage, why in many organisations are HR (Human Resources) still having to ‘fight’ their cause as to why they should have a seat at the top table? This is a question I am continuously hearing amongst many industry leaders, and one that I wanted to get some greater understanding on.

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How to Hire and Hold onto Your New Employees

Written by Lucy Bielby on Jun 25, 2018

Our top tips for hiring and holding onto your new hires...

Congratulations- you may have made a great new hire but the work hasn’t stopped. Knowing that you have invested both time and money into getting it right, you will want to ensure they start with a positive momentum.

It is no secret that energised and motivated employees will perform to a higher standard. With employees who are engaged and feel supported, being highly committed to their goals. But fail support your employees from the start and you will lose their motivation rapidly.

So, how do ensure your employees are in it for the long run?

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How to Identify the Best Resources for Your Business

Written by Lucy Bielby on Jun 20, 2018

In a recent blog The Pros and Cons - Interim Managers vs Management Consultants vs Internal Resources,(read more here) I looked at the three main resourcing options that are available (alongside the potential pro’s and cons) when compiling a project team to drive transformation.

At different stages of a project cycle there are challenges to over come as projects launch, sustain and scale. Being aware of these problems within the change programme and resourcing effectively to mitigate against them, is the key to success.

With this in mind, I have looked at numerous typical organisational project scenarios and offer insights and direction based on EO Executives experience and expertise of the best resources to utilise to ensure projects are a success. 

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How Do You Determine Resources for Vital Business Projects?

Written by Lucy Bielby on Apr 30, 2018

As an Interim leader, do you have experience in hiring for change / transformation programmes? If so, what would your advice be to organisations?

EO Executives was originally founded on Interim Management but evolved to meet market demands and has operated as both an Interim Management and Executive Search Consultancy for many years now.

Given EO’s value proposition, our team of experts therefore understand that resourcing top talent across the board in today's business climate is extremely challenging.

Most organisations that we work with are either in growth or change mode, and Practice Leads are typically engaged by these clients to source an immediate interim solution to support delivery of such major strategic programs.

Nonetheless, is an Interim Manager always the most suitable resource to provide input and expertise for vital projects?

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