Stop Playing It Safe on Your Job Search.

Written by Lucy Bielby on Oct 04, 2017
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Stop playing it safe on your job search.

When searching for a new role, traditionally the focus of a candidate has been to find a role that will suit all of the things that they are ‘good at’ and feel “comfortable with”.

However the Innovator and disruptor would more have the mindset of 'What is the client / employers biggest project problem, and how do I solve it?'

In the world of disruption, shouldn’t it be more about taking an opportunity and making it fit for you as an individual? After all the ability to learn, is a key trait of a good leader.
When companies grow quickly there are more things that need to be done, and often due to the size of a business, less people do them. Therein lies the opportunity to build breadth in your skill set.

With the changes in how we are employed and the emergence of the gig economy, the days of just climbing up that career ladder vertically don’t tend to apply to as many. I for one, want a role that engages and excites me (and ultimately remains to bring out the best of my experience) but with this I bring the mindset that my ‘logical’ career route may not be mapped out.

Having worked within an established FTSE 250, I have more recently made decisions to work with businesses that challenge me and match my values. Working within boutique environments where there is a fresh approach to Executive Search & Interim management. I for one love the fact that I have a voice within a growing business, can bring my experience of recruiting within HR yet am still challenged and learn everyday as a business leader.

I may not become the Practice Lead of a traditional Search & Interim organisation but this is way off my longer term goals, I currently focus on the short and medium term knowing that my longer term goal, will continue to evolve as the market does around me.

What is your career focus? I would be keen to hear your stance on this, so why not leave a comment below?

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