The Companies with the Best People Win. Fact.

Written by Craig Elvin on Oct 05, 2017


The companies with the best people win. Fact.

Whilst you are looking for the perfect candidate, the perfect candidate wants to know that you offer enough career enhancement to make the move. As an SME, you may not have the brand or reputation that high performing individuals will automatically want to associate themselves with. So, get smart.

If you are working with a good executive search consultant they will unearth and present passive talent. That is talent that isn’t looking for a new role. Isn’t active in the market. Isn’t sending their CV's to contingent recruiters or job boards. They will be a top performer in their companies, engaged in meaningful and fulfilling work that takes most, if not all their time.

So, you need to present a clear, concise, compelling reasons why top talent should engage with you. Once they have been enticed into a process they will not be available for long either. Once they have had their heads turned they will also be receptive to other offers. So, ensure you work through these points below before you go to market.

Leadership: People want to work for the best management. You must demonstrate why you or the line manager in question represent an opportunity. It might be that they have led successful teams in the past, they are a big name in the industry or have an excellent track record of success in the business, which has led to strong board engagement. Think about demonstrating what someone can learn from them and the benefit they will have on their career.

Success breeds success: And engages top talent. Ensure you talk about your success to date, especially big wins, positive financial results, market leading USPs (unique selling points) and technology. Be sure so share your vision and aims for the future.

Impactful work: You will not attract the best performers with mundane, 'business as usual' opportunities. Make sure you can demonstrate how an opportunity with your business can be meaningful, engaging and a where they can play a pivotal part in the company’s success.

Financial Gain: Not many CFO’s (Chief Finance Officers) write blank cheques for people to hire the best talent, especially in the smaller or start-up companies. You are unlikely to have the confinement of a bigger corporate company so, get creative. Think about what you can offer in terms of working environment, location and most importantly overall package. You might be able to attract top talent by offering bonuses, LTIPS (long-term incentive plans), equity but equally a day working from home each week, an added days holiday, a fresh physical environment and strong culture can go a long way.

Career Development: It can be challenging when you need someone for a specific and especially a new role, however, you must give considerable thought to what their progression might look like. It doesn’t have to be immediate and definitive, but you must have given it some thought. The candidate will have and their current employer will have this mapped out if they want to keep them.

Capable Peers: Linked to leadership, people want to work with capable peers. In fact, it was sighted in the top three reasons why middle management gave for leaving companies last year.

Ask yourself, during the hiring process how can you combine a meeting with top performers in your function and organisation?

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