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Written by EO Executives on Aug 05, 2014

I work with and represent some of the brightest thought leaders in the risk industry in the country.  However, I am often staggered at how little risk management they put into their own Executive hiring processes! 

The latest “Risk Outlook” published by the Financial Conduct Authority urges Boards to make sure that their staff behave well and care for long term customers, placing consumer interests at the heart of the business.  These are good intentions, and it starts with hiring the right people with the right behaviours. 

The cost of hiring the wrong candidate is considerable, not only in financial and reputational damage but potentially substantial fines from the regulator.

So, what do you base your hiring decisions on? Gut feeling, personality, skills or knowledge? How about measuring aptitude for the role? Or bringing all of these key elements together?

At Executives Online utilising our executive-intro™ process we take the guesswork out of hiring people with the right behaviours.

executive-intro™ totally de-risks the hiring process for our clients to such an extent that deliver 96% first year retention and we offer a 12 month guarantee.  In short we take on all the risks and you are protected.

How are we able to do this?

·         An introductory video candidate pitch for the role.

·         Psychometrics for each candidate, objectively scored against the role behavioural characteristics, so you can objectively assess each candidate against the role benchmark, all in an easy to view graphic

·         Candidates responses to the key 3 questions that you set, enabling you to focus on what is important to you.

·         Candidate references, offering an independent view from another Risk leader and not simply confirming dates.

·         Each CV alongside the consultant interview notes and our expert commentary as specialists in Risk recruitment.

·         Each candidate ranked against the benchmark, providing an independent transparent, quantitative and auditable assessment.

With executive-intro™ all this is brought into an online, security enabled portal with sharing access determined by you. You can comment, arrange interviews, ask questions, consolidate views and have everything together in one secure place online.

Risk is very much front of mind at Board level, let’s find individuals with the right behaviours first time and take the risk out of hiring.

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