How to Hire and Hold onto Your New Employees

Written by EO Executives on Jun 25, 2018


Our top tips for hiring and holding onto your new hires...

Congratulations- you may have made a great new hire but the work hasn’t stopped. Knowing that you have invested both time and money into getting it right, you will want to ensure they start with a positive momentum.

It is no secret that energised and motivated employees will perform to a higher standard. With employees who are engaged and feel supported, being highly committed to their goals. But fail support your employees from the start and you will lose their motivation rapidly.

So, how do ensure your employees are in it for the long run?

At EO Executives, we have built our business model based on research that focuses on this exact topic. If you want your employees to hit the ground running and continue this momentum you will need to commit time to on-boarding them correctly. 

How do you ‘on-board’ your employees?

The first 90 days will be challenging for both yourself and your new hire. You will soon realise if they are committed or not. It is also integral to expect them to experience a dip in motivation, especially after the excitement of joining a new company is lost, and the reality of the role hits.

No doubt you’ll want to avoid this… so here are five key areas to be aware of:

  1. Avoiding new challenges

Any talented new hire should want to broaden their skills and challenge themselves in their role. If they are afraid of a challenge, this should set alarm bells ringing. C-Suite leaders are hired to tackle business challenges and offer their expertise.

Good talent will also challenge processes and inefficiencies because they will always be looking to improve and grow the business. So if they start to question you, don’t take it personally.

  1. Operating through one mindset

Good leaders are always looking to innovate and learn from others and will want experiment with new ways of gaining success. As a hiring manager your responsibility is to ensure this is possible. Too many business leaders manipulate their new employees into following one process and one way of thinking. Remember, if you always do things the same way, then nothing will ever change.

No doubt the new employee will be able to provide a tremendous amount of added value, so allow them to have a voice. Just ensure that they take the time to listen to others and don’t cause conflict between existing employees.

  1. Letting your new hire go solo

Yes, your new hire will be an expert in their field, but they will still need some guidance. Even top-level executives will be apprehensive when joining a new organisation and will need to adjust to the culture. Remember, they will be leaving a position where they are valued and recognised, so you will need keep this front of mind. Not to mention the change in routine will add pressure, which will take time to adapt to.

This is another reason why on-boarding is integral for ensuring your new hire starts on a positive note. You will need to work together to understand how their expertise can fit into the organisation and if they are any areas that need more attention. If you just leave a new hire on their own, you can’t expect everything to run smoothly.

  1. Assuming a leadership job title is enough

Your new hire may have been a great leader in their previous business but leading a new team will be a challenge. Everything will be different, and they will need to have a plan in place to get them adjusted.

Meeting with them on a regular basis and ‘checking-in’ whilst they get used to their new role will add a great deal of value. But avoid micro-managing, after all you hired them because they are an expert….

  1. There are no early wins

When your new hire starts they will come in with a vast amount of energy, but it is important to keep this momentum going. Once the initial emotions of excitement and apprehensiveness wears off, they should be looking for ways to add value and create wins for the business. They will want to prove that you have made the right decision to hire them, so let them do so.

But not everything comes over night and large wins may take time. At this point it is paramount to support them in continuing with the momentum and overcoming any turbulent times.

Are you ready for your new hire?

Being aware of these hiring hazards will ensure your new hires are engaged from the start. Failing to recognise warning signs will leave both you and your employee in the dark with little hope for success.

For more detailed tips on on-boarding your new hire, be sure to download our popular e-book ‘Hiring & Holding Onto your Superstars’ .Download it below.

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