What Results Can You Achieve by Leading an E-Commerce Transformation?

Written by EO Executives on Jun 11, 2018


EO were recently engaged by one of the UK's leading e-commerce businesses to source a high calibre, highly pragmatic and highly experienced Transformation/Programme Director. The successful candidate was required to lead a major company-wide digital transformation for one of the clients external partners.  

In the first part of this case study, we uncovered the initial challenges facing our client, along with the solution used to overcome this. Read more here.

In part two, we dig dipper into the Transformation Programme and look at the specific skills and resources the next stage of the assignment required.  

The Challenge: 

The Interim candidate provided by EO, needed to develop a company-wide programme plan and deliver the contractual obligations within six months. 

Having designed and developed the company-wide programme plan, the candidate needed to agree this with all Executives and Senior Management team. Whilst being responsible for the delivery of each element of the company-wide programme. Ensuring it was delivered on time, in full, meeting the external partners contractual standards.   

Every element represented a major transformation from previous aspects of the businesses performance and operations. As a result, the entire programme was a valiant success. 

The company-wide programme included: 

  • A sales plan, with resourcing, sales operations information management, appointment scheduling, and implementation of business pre-sales resources to meet all 453 vendors in just four months in the USA. Before this our client had just 25 customers and so the scale of change was extremely significant.
  • The sales plan included design, writing and production of all sales collateral (communications, emails, presentations) to facilitate rapid closure and selling to all the 453 vendors as the business needed to sign new contracts with all of them for the new digital trading and e-commerce service to operate. The external partner offered their endorsement, but little involvement in this exercise. 
  • Development of new commercial/pricing models for transactional pricing to meet the USA market, to fit the external partners trading community, and to achieve the company goal of increasing revenues by some 600% per year on 2015-2016 levels. 
  • Development of new digital contracts to facilitate rapid agreement and signing by 453 vendors in just four months, and with minimal legal intervention/change, as no real time for typical negotiations. This involved taking on board US legal advice, re-writing legal contracts, and getting more robust and fair legal and commercial terms.  
  • Designing, recruiting and building/training a new USA based service and operations organisation to support the external partner and its suppliers (and future market growth).
  • To align UK based support and service transition operations with the new USA organisation to enable a fast start and robust take-on of the external partners vendors to the new digital trading network. 
  • Build a new product management, and product development organisation (doubled the size of the existing team) to deliver the four new digital trading applications and portals on time, and in a robust manner. Put in place a specific Development PO with four project managers and two scrum masters to keep development in track and design/develop in an Agile manner, which was a new methodology for the company to embrace. 
  • Establish and develop the new ways of working for a service transition and client take-on organisation. Previously, our client had implemented one-two new customers per month. In this new approach, they were taking on 60-80 customers per month as all 453 vendors had to be on-boarded to the new network within six months of sign-off of the pilot operations. 
  • Create a training strategy and lead the development of training and knowledge management platforms to train more than 400 staff, and some 453 vendors – more than 2,000 people over 6 months (and expected to change by 10-15% each year on an ongoing basis). Our client had no training materials or knowledge management in place, and so this was a major undertaking to achieve in such a short time – within three months of product development. 

The candidate successfully programme manged both in the UK and the United States, from both a business and IT perspective. Managing new ways of working and initiatives with both customers and their strategic suppliers. 

The successful candidate...

  • Led multiple transformation programmes for our clients executives and also the programme management of global external partners. 
  • Led monthly governance, including full budgetary and financial impacts, with forecasts of impacts on company performance and resources for the board and external shareholders. Ensuring everyone was constantly aligned on their key business objectives and obligations. 
  • Organised weekly governance and programme management calls with external partners, plus monthly steering committee meetings in the USA to ensure clients were managed, their expectations well-set, and that they were ready for the new applications, ways of working, and network. Working with them to align their suppliers was also a key task to ensure the success of signing-up and on-boarding the 453 vendors.
  • Ensured the project was delivered on time and met all contracted SLA's and KPI's. 
  • Proved the solution worked in pilot operations (four vendors) against contracted SLA's and KPI's. Allowing for a volume business roll-out of vendors. Our candidate was managing the on-boarding of the first 60 vendors, before the work was transferred to their newly built in-house business as usual team.

At this point, the candidate left the programme as the company was also in the process of being acquired by one of their leading e-commerce stakeholders. 

If you are interested in understanding more about how EO Executives work with organisations to source  Interim leaders for major transformation projects, please get in contact directly or fill out a client enquiry below:

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