My 5 Top Reflections on Moving into a New Role

Written by EO Executives on Jan 26, 2017

I’m sure most of you reading have experienced this at some point in your career. You’re in post and in a great role, then suddenly the phone rings and you're presented with a new proposition. You’ve been headhunted...

Research shows that 70% of the talent market is passive but if presented with an opportunity that is the right fit and communicated in the right way, they are likely to consider moving into a new role.

Not long ago I was headhunted myself and after some careful consideration and a thorough interview process, I have now embarked on a new journey and the next stage in my career. I have learnt a lot from this experience and took away some valuable key learnings which I’ve since reflected on.

1. Network when you’re in post

For me, networking is fundamental from both a personal and professional perspective. My personal role is centred around my candidates feeling that they are truly understood by the right, trusted partner. There are numerous benefits to networking whilst you’re in role. For example: 

  • Expanding your connections and raising your profile - Networking is a fantastic opportunity to build relationships and meet with trusted advisers, who can support and advise you on your long term career goals.
  •  Opportunities – This is a great chance for you to assess opportunities carefully, without the pressure of immediately needing a job.
  • Objectivity- When you are in an active role you have the advantage of being able think more rationally about the opportunity that is being presented to you. If you are in a position where you are actively searching for a role it may come down to the opportunity that is in front of you, rather than the right career opportunity on a longer-term basis. 
  • Confidence and experience – Networking will open you up to new environments, circles and peer discussions around key industry trends, which in will in turn enhance your development and personal growth.

2. Values are crucial

By understanding your own personal values you will ensure that you are integrated into any organisation that you join, its values, the challenges, and the impact that the organisation will have in the market.

What really enticed me when I was headhunted was the opportunity to do something that would truly add value. At the time, I was exasperated from hearing negative comments about our industry and the connotations that are attached to my career choice. As Head-hunters, we can often be seen seen as the ‘bad guys’ and I saw this as an opportunity to leverage on my industry experience and employ my passion for exceptional customer service, to offer something different to the market.

After all, …

3. The Market is changing

Although it is important to remain true to your areas of expertise (you should be set up for success after all) we should all be ready to adapt to the changing market around us. With the constant developments in digital technology and ever-changing social demographics, the skill sets that are required for tomorrows market are different from those required by organisations today. So, stepping out of your comfort zone to enhance your skill set is vital for getting noticed in tomorrow’s market.

4. Take a long-term view

For some people their next career move will be based on salary but for others it will be centred around the opportunity on offer. Personally when I was headhunted, I was thinking about my longer-term career.

The opportunity offered a fresh and innovative way of doing things and this was a chance for me to also challenge myself. As a Director of the business I thought of the long-term benefits, the buy-in desire of growing with the businesses and seeing it succeed.

5. It's not a walk in the park

Key changes in your life can be an emotional process. Your commitment will be tested and it is vital to think about what is important to you, your family and your future. Any search process itself will take time and commitment. If you are offered that role, it’s about managing your resignation from your current position where your resilience will be tested…..

If you’d like to discuss the search journey in more detail or if you’re considering looking for a new role but are ensure on what steps to take, feel free to get in contact at or alternatively comment below.

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