An Interview on Artificial Intelligence with Christine Ashton - CDO, Digital Office s/4 HANA Cloud

Written by EO Executives on Dec 20, 2017

Intelligent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP ) cloud for every company- Interview with Christine Ashton, CDO, Digital Office S/4 HANA Cloud

With continuous advancements in technology, organisations everywhere are now relying on Applications and Products (SAP) to deliver world-class enterprise resource planning (ERP) that defines the state of the art and enables innovation. With SAP ERP Cloud, SAP has again redefined the field with Intelligent ERP that sets a new standard for advanced technology.

At EO Executives we are passionate about understanding the role of Artificial Intelligence. Our Technology Practice will be publishing an Artificial Intelligence white-paper in January 2018, where we will uncover more insights like this from interviews with the industry’s top experts. Along with what it means for businesses, and how to C-Suite should be better prepared. So, stay tuned!

To extend our understanding we reached out to our network to gain some industry insights on the importance of Artificial Intelligence and the potential impact it could have on the structure of many businesses.

So, who better to reach out to than Christine Ashton, CDO, Digital Office S/4 HANA Cloud. Christine also leads the new CXO practice to help increase collaboration from C-suite leaders. She has a background in utilities, natural resources and telecommunications.

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Could Your AI (Artificial Intelligence) Machines Land You in Trouble?

Written by EO Executives on Sep 13, 2017

Szu Hill, EO Executives – VP & C-Suite exec search, 13th September 2017

In AI-proliferated industries, one of the biggest immediate minefield for the C-Suite is perhaps the GDPR implications in data collection & processing by AI entities.  When AI entities used by your organisation collect vast amounts of data, either:

  • via impersonal acquisition of such data via the Internet of Things (such as sensors or trackers), or,
  • via more personal interactions with customers - e.g. through chatbots in automated online banking transactions, or through an Alexa-like AI customer assistant when purchasing goods via an e-commerce platform,

… we have to ask if all the information collected about the customer has been obtained in a
GDPR-compliant manner?  And when that data has been collected, how will it be ensured that it will be legally processed so that it doesn’t infringe the customer’s data privacy or consumer rights? 

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Watch out - Artificial Intelligence Can Replace Highly-Skilled Cybersecurity Specialists Too!

Written by EO Executives on Sep 11, 2017

EO Executives – VP & C-Suite Executive Search

In my previous blog on Artificial Intelligence (AI) (read here) I mentioned that in our post-Brexit world, a continued shortage in the availability of resources to carry out low-skilled labour at often unsociable hours and at low wages may hasten the adoption of robots in both the farming and non-farming sectors (aka hospitality and service sectors).

However, we also have a chronic shortage of higher-end skills, especially those in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sectors. According to the UK Commission for Employment & Skills, 43% of STEM vacancies in UK are hard to fill, due to a shortage of applicants with the required skills or experience. Additionally, there may not be as many people who have the inclination to pursue a career in the more scientific or technical sectors.

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Taking the Plunge

Written by EO Executives on Nov 09, 2016

Building a business from scratch can be challenging at the best of times, but breaking into a new and unfamiliar industry takes the challenge to a new level. 

Working with numerous start-up's ranging from fintech (payments and challenger banking) to SAAS and e-commerce, I have been fortunate enough to see many exciting and disruptive businesses develop at a rapid pace. With the emergence of so many ground breaking technologies and the genuine opportunities to disrupt existing sectors, it is unsurprising that so many people are excited by the prospects of taking the plunge and landing their own start-up.

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