Where Does the Recruitment Process End?

Written by EO Executives on Aug 02, 2017

You’ve seen your shortlist, interviewed and hired…what now?

For many of the traditional search firms the work stops once the placement is made, but at EO Executives we know that post placement communication is key for success. After all, how can you ensure a successful hire without following up on how they are getting on in their new role? Sounds like common sense but you’ll find many of the big industry players are ignoring the importance of a ‘post- placement’ process.

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The 3 Super Simple Hiring Rules That Gave Amazon It’s Success

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Jan 17, 2017

The road to a great hire can be a rocky one. There are questionable CVs, disappointing phone interviews and promising candidates who performed at interview but couldn’t carry that through to the job itself or struggled to adapt to the company’s culture. Sometimes hiring great people can seem elusive and it’s easy to lose sight of what it takes to hire outstanding people and what attributes they should have in common. After all, you want to ensure your next round of hires is just as great as your current team, if not better.

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How To Write A Great Job Description [Video & Download]

Written by EO Executives on Jul 07, 2016

The job description or job spec is one of the key tools that enables you to attract top leaders to your hiring process. As a business we specialise in placing senior leaders into high growth companies in fast-moving situations, and the job description plays an important part in that process. There are however lots of common misconceptions when putting together a job brief around how to structure and how to get the best out of it in order to attract top talent.

This article and the accompanying video and download gives you the insight you need on the key things to include in a great job description to ensure that right people are attracted to your process.

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The Simple Four Step Talent Sourcing Strategy Every HRD Should Know

Written by EO Executives on Apr 08, 2016

Talent has reached the boardroom agenda as a key source of competitive advantage. High on the list of priorities for Global HRDs who I speak with is the need to unlock a talent acquisition approach that responds to these growing demands.

Engaging Generation Z, an ageing workforce across most western markets, and competition from disruptive new start-ups are not only all serious issues that are causing businesses pain but also a great opportunity for HR to step up and take charge.

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How Hiring Has Evolved Within Financial Services

Written by EO Executives on Aug 11, 2015

Recruitment within Financial Services has evolved over the last 20 years, and I’ve been fortunate to have seen this evolution by working both for a Financial Services organisation and now for a recruitment company. In my last post I looked at why FS companies are losing the war for talent, and it sparked some insightful conversations from within the FS community.

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5 Questions That Will Change How You Hire

Written by EO Executives on May 28, 2015

Recently I sat down with Jeff Wellstead, CEO of Big Bear Partners and renowned talent management specialist, and asked him five questions about how he consistently recruits great people. The answers and insight he gave me will change the way you think about hiring and setting yourself up for success within the talent market...

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How To Recruit In A High Growth Environment

Written by EO Executives on Apr 30, 2015

Recruiting in a high growth environment can be incredibly challenging. There’s the sense of panic that companies fall into when they realise that they aren't meeting critical deadlines, workloads are spiralling, and growth challenges aren't going as smoothly as envisioned.  In a bid to stem the tide of employee burnout and stretch to achieve pre-agreed targets to make investors or shareholders happy - company leaders often jump headlong into recruiting networked known entities, former colleagues or engage recruitment agencies in a frenzied search for a solution. 

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5 Ways To Build An Incredible Culture

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Apr 20, 2015

A winning culture is an elusive thing. While no one doubts the benefits a great culture has on employee morale, quality of work and business performance, defining exactly what a culture is and how to develop the right culture isn’t a simple task. Having company values is a good start but a culture is much more than a set of values. Unfortunately for a lot of companies this is where the development of their culture ends...

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How To Use Social Media To Build A Talent Pipeline

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Mar 30, 2015

The Internet has made companies more transparent than ever. Social media lets customers see inside a business, and businesses now communicate in a personal yet public way on a daily basis. But the public face of businesses is not just shown to customers. Candidates form an opinion about how progressive companies are by looking at what you choose to share online, and nothing defines a brand’s personality more than its online presence.

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Why Using Behavioural Assessment In Your Hiring Could Be The Smartest Thing You Do This Year

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Mar 26, 2015

When the cost of a bad hire can be more than 3.5 times annual salary, it’s no wonder that businesses are looking to technology and advanced hiring and interviewing tactics to assess their candidates more thoroughly and make better hires more consistently.

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