A Candidate Driven Decade - And Your Way To Win

Written by Ferdinand Lucke on Jan 28, 2019

While we already have a candidate market today, we will see a further intensification in the fight for executives and talents in the coming decade. Allow me to share some background and advise, followed by some great international articles with more insights if you wish. 

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What Does the Future Look Like for Human Resources?

Written by EO Executives on Dec 12, 2018

Over the last decade or so Human Resources has had a reputation of being the function employees to go to for support and guidance around the organisational challenges they face. As a result, HR are often seen as sympathisers for the employees who believe they are perhaps being treated unfairly, or a department that provides employees with the support they may need to evolve in their roles.

If we take a brief look at the history of HR, previously known as Personnel Management, seeing its debut in the 1970's, it is clear to see where this perspective has stemmed from. As a function it comprised of the activities like recruitment, work conditions, welfare of employees, training and development and employee exit (retrenchment, retiring schemes).  The 'Personnel Department' has come a long way since then and from the late '80s developed into Human Resource Management as we know it today.

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Understanding How Business Leaders Contribute to the UK 'Productivity Problem'

Written by EO Executives on Dec 07, 2018

Understanding How Business Leaders Contribute to the UK 'Productivity Problem'- An Exclusive Interview with Interim Operations Expert, Paul Dakin

In case you have missed it, the 10th anniversary of the Lehman Brothers Bank collapse recently occurred that signalled the 2008/09 financial crash. This has led lot of soul searching about UK productivity puzzle which comprises the zero growth of productivity within the British economy since the crash & its current low levels relative to other nations.

On a macro level productivity is hard to understand, but the one thing that can be agreed on is that productivity puts the life into living standards. History makes this very clear. Since the start of the industrial revolution pay & living standards have increased 15-fold since 1750. It is no coincidence that the UK experience since 2008 has been more painful with the “lost decade” & counting since 2008 resulting in a flat-lining/reduction in living standards.

But why has UK relative productivity performance been so poor?

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How Do You Determine Resources for Vital Business Projects?

Written by EO Executives on Apr 30, 2018

As an Interim leader, do you have experience in hiring for change / transformation programmes? If so, what would your advice be to organisations?

EO Executives was originally founded on Interim Management but evolved to meet market demands and has operated as both an Interim Management and Executive Search Consultancy for many years now.

Given EO’s value proposition, our team of experts therefore understand that resourcing top talent across the board in today's business climate is extremely challenging.

Most organisations that we work with are either in growth or change mode, and Practice Leads are typically engaged by these clients to source an immediate interim solution to support delivery of such major strategic programs.

Nonetheless, is an Interim Manager always the most suitable resource to provide input and expertise for vital projects?

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4 Key Tips for Crossing the Atlantic- A CEO’s Opinion

Written by EO Executives on Jan 29, 2018

With a Technology and Digital Practice at EO Executives, we always find it interesting to learn about the career journeys many of our contacts have been on and the challenges they have faced along the way.

Linking to more recent current affairs and industry trends, one of the most relevant conversations we have been having is around what Brexit will mean for UK businesses wanting to launch into new territories. As it stands, most larger organsiations benefit from remaining within the European Union because it is easier to trade around the world. However, despite Brexit the UK is always going to be a large player in key trader relationships. The British press has also been focusing heavily on the 'special relationship' the UK has with the United States, and what this means for business relations between the two countries in the future. 

So, will more businesses be planning a move to the US?

Working with Technology leaders makes this 'special relationship' even more interesting, especially as London and Silicon Valley, San Francisco are two of the biggest technology hubs. 

To get to grips on how this could play out, we recently met with Global Technology CEO, Richard Betts to uncover his story around how he successfully launched his business into the United States. Focusing on how to best prepare for new markets and ensure your product can survive in the US technology space. 

With a strong reputation within the B2B Technology sector for transforming businesses into profitable enterprises, and a background in sales & marketing with industry-leading brands such as Ericsson, Nortel and Mitel, Richard seemed like the perfect person to talk to a around this subject.

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Challenge Is the New Norm for MD’s, Owners and Founders of SME’s- So Learn to Manage It.

Written by EO Executives on Jan 18, 2018

We live in a world of constant change and challenge. Gone are the days of 3-year business plans, long term horizons and any semblance of normality or certainty. In previous blogs, I have spoken about the qualities required by leaders to be able to handle that change and come out on top. However, in this series of blogs I wanted to discuss the common challenges facing SME leaders in 2018.

As a business leader it is great to know you are not on your own, but also important to handle the challenges you will ultimately face at some point in your career. Over the next few weeks, I will be looking at the following areas and gaining insight from industry leaders. These insights will both prepare you for uncertainty and provide you with the understanding around the key skills needed to tackle these common encounters.

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Why is Sales and Operations Planning Fundamental for any Business? Q&A with Supply Chain Expert- Rupert Tubbs

Written by EO Executives on Nov 06, 2017

With an ever-changing economic landscape and a continuous demand for businesses to innovate and implement new processes, planning is fundamental for success. There are of course numerous ways businesses can plan and execute ideas, but without a standardised process organisations cannot forecast for change, drive a strong culture, nor establish a sense of accountability.

To understand how businesses can best implement such processes and plan ahead, we met with highly experienced Supply Chain Leader, Rupert Tubbs. Rupert also holds extensive experience and understanding of how to successfully implement Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).

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What Does it Take to Lead an Organisation to Success? Exclusive Q&A with CEO of CMME

Written by EO Executives on Nov 01, 2017

To understand the drive, hard work and investment into organisational culture it takes to lead a business to success, we recently met with the CEO of leading Mortgage Provider - CMME.

In this Q&A, Jason Powell shares his secrets for success and how he has managed to create an agile, innovative and highly performing team.
To find out more, take a look at what he had to say...

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How to Accelerate Growth, Cut Costs and Meet Customer Demand in Your Supply Chain

Written by EO Executives on Jun 14, 2017

The need for efficiencies in Supply Chain is constant…but in most companies the easy wins were implemented years ago.

So where do we go next?

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Tips for Hiring Commercial Talent - The Lone Wolf

Written by EO Executives on May 05, 2017

The Lone Wolf – Your Biggest Asset and Biggest Problem:

At EO Executives, we frequently get the opportunity to meet with interesting and high profile individuals in the commercial market. Regularly attending C-Suite meetings, we have noticed that there is one obvious key trend that everyone in this space is talking about.

So, let’s discuss this further…

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