5 Tips for Hiring a Luminary Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Written by EO Executives on Nov 02, 2017

At EO Executives, we are privileged to meet with some of the most talented, creative and forward-thinking Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s) in the country on a regular basis. They have a natural ability to inspire the people around them, bringing light to any business through a visionary mindset.

Speaking with such inspirational leaders and partnering with so many awesome businesses offers us a unique opportunity to stay up to date with what is happening in the market, and ensures we stay engaged with our client’s key priorities.

Having a strong and extensive network in the technology space means we get invited in by C-Level leaders of rapidly growing, digitally first companies for various reasons. Some are struggling to align their Technology and Sales functions, many are concerned about spiralling costs and are worried about turning fast ROI for investors. Others are frustrated about their inability to attract and retain the very best talent in a market that is increasingly competitive.

The latter of these issues is what we will focus on in this blog, with a particular focus on CMO hires as this is a core niche of mine and an area I have great experience in.

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