5 Tips for Hiring a Rockstar Chief Technology Officer

Written by EO Executives on Aug 23, 2017

In this blog, Technology Practice Lead Ben Walton focuses on how in a competitive market, C-Level leaders of rapidly growing, digitally first companies can better attract and retain top Chief Technology Officers into their businesses...

As an Associate Director and Head of Technology practice at EO Executives, I am privileged to meet with some of the most talented, innovative and forward-thinking Chief Technology Officers (CTO’s) in the country on a regular basis. 

Speaking with such inspirational leaders and partnering with so many awesome businesses gives me a unique opportunity to stay up to date with what is happening in the market, and ensures I stay engaged with my client’s key priorities.

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How to Identify the Right Product Leader for Your Business…and Why This Is So Damn Important!

Written by EO Executives on May 17, 2017

It all sounds so simple really. To stay ahead of the competition and be successful, Technology board rooms up and down the country know that they need to differentiate, successfully commercialise and build effective, user-friendly products.

So, how does product play a part and what are the four kinds of Product Leader you should consider for your business?

Historically, Commercial Leaders were tasked with defining key products and functionality and then filtering down these plans to the tech teams to implement. Having someone to look at strategy and someone else to put this into practice is all very straight forward in theory…but they were missing a trick.

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The SaaS Go-To-Market Stage – Why It's Critical That Sales and Technology Functions Should Continue to Work Seamlessly

Written by EO Executives on May 15, 2017

Hi there, I am Szu and I am part of the executive search team in EO Executives who identify and place the best and brightest talent for the C-level/VP roles we have. Previously, I worked with IT Services companies in solutions & product development. At HPE, as part of my MSc in IT, I worked in the global cloud services team to help design a cloud Integration platform for small & medium-sized independent software vendors. At CSC, I led the R&D part of the solutions development function to deliver new IaaS/SaaS offerings.

Early this year, EO Executives surveyed over 100+ industry leaders who were mainly a mixture of CTO’s and Commercial Directors to understand how aligned sales and technology teams are in modern business, which resulted in a theme blog “Are Sales and Technology Pulling in Different Directions?”

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