Employer Branding - Recruiting and Retaining Your People

Written by Ferdinand Lucke on Feb 19, 2019

The aggravating shortage of skilled workers and new demands on the employer present companies with massive challenges in recruiting. It seems that Employer Branding is becoming more and more obligatory if companies wish to prosper, or even just to survive.

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The 5 Critical Mistakes Executives Make Which Demotivate New Hires

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Oct 29, 2018

After going to all the time and effort to find your perfect new hire you want to make sure they hit the ground running.

Research from Deloitte’s has shown that motivated and engaged employees have a positive impact on business performance faster, and that the right support during onboarding is critical to maximising their potential as quickly as possible.

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Why Workplace Well-being Should Be a Priority for All Businesses

Written by EO Executives on Oct 10, 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day, and at EO Executives we wanted to share why employee wellness should be a key priority for all organisations.

If you want to establish a positive workplace culture, with high productivity, it should be a top priority to ensure your employees welfare is put first.

With healthy employees proving to happier and more productive, workplace wellness initiatives are becoming more popular in both SME and Large / Corporate organisations across the UK.

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5 Steps for Making the Right Impression With Your New Employees

Written by EO Executives on Aug 01, 2018


How to Make the Right Impression With New Employees

Competing with other players in your industry to attract the best talent can be tough. So, when you finally secure your perfect candidate after following a long hiring process, you will want to ensure they are set up for success.  In a recent blog we took a detailed look at the importance of on-boarding candidates and how this contributes to their overall work ethic and performance in a business - read more here.

In this blog we follow on from that topic and take a deeper look at how your business can successfully retain its employees. You may think it is an easy task but one of our previous studies found that 46% of new hires give up within the first 18 months of their placement. An alarming statistic for businesses making crucial hires.

The good news is there are some key steps any business can follow to prevent this...

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Are You Supporting Your Corporate Athletes?

Written by EO Executives on Oct 19, 2017

What are you doing to support your corporate athletes?

Following my recent conversation with Jaynes Carrington and seeing the excellent work she is doing at Dialogue First; as well and having interviewed not one, but two, former GB Athletes recently got me to ask the question, what are we doing to support our corporate Athletes?

In an age of disruption, increased market pressures and Geo-political uncertainty, it is widely accepted that you need the most agile, intelligent, driven and dynamic corporate athletes in your business if you want to be successful. After all, the businesses with the best people win.

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What Employee Benefits Matter to You?

Written by Executives Online UK on Sep 21, 2017

EO Executives has launched its 2017 employee benefits survey to understand the incentives that truly matter to employees.

As a value driven business, we want people to love their work environment and incentives to matter. After all, in any organisation it is crucial for employees to feel valued by their employers. Benefits not only reward employees but contribute to staff well-being, improve engagement and contribute to staff attraction and satisfaction. 

So, what benefits matter to you?

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5 Tips for Implementing a Great Employee Value Proposition

Written by EO Executives on Feb 09, 2017

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is used to describe the attraction of working for an organisation. It is the employment deal that establishes an employer’s expectations of its employees and the benefits it offers in return.

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6 Reasons Why Creating Purpose is the Key to Successful Change

Written by EO Executives on Feb 08, 2017

There aren’t many organisations that I have worked with over the last decade from FTSE 100 to SME’s, that aren’t involved in or planning change. Driven by the current geo-political and economic situation, globalisation agendas, technology advances and mergers or acquisitions, modern leaders can’t hide from change. 

It is also widely accepted that people are our greatest asset and yet we seem to forget about them and their needs when we embark on change (and Mr Maslow wouldn’t like that!). For most people change is hard, unwelcome and feared. People are uncomfortable with any uncertainty; especially around change. Consequently, transformation projects can raise concerns, heighten tension and can cause anxiety.

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Insurance: A Man's World?

Written by EO Executives on Feb 07, 2017

 Diversity is a topic that has been at the forefront of insurance board agendas in recent years. With many industry leaders working hard to raise awareness around the careers and opportunities women have within the insurance industry.

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Leading a 'Culture Club' - Using great culture to attract top talent

Written by EO Executives on Nov 21, 2016

Anyone looking to grow a business with a team of over 10 in size should be spending at least 10% of their week on the attraction of top talent. Why? Because the people with the best people will generally win.

To attract top talent you are going to need a couple of well-connected and trusted head hunters (my contact details are in the footer below) and a compelling employee value proposition (EVP). Developing an EVP as the board in an SME can be an intimidating task. You may not have the resources to offer gym facilities, free food and drink, extensive branded welcome packs or an office bar, so what can you do to gain competitive advantage?

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