How a Finance Director Can Ensure Your Business Implements a Winning International Expansion Strategy

Written by EO Executives on Aug 02, 2018

How the right Finance Director can develop an award winning International expansion strategy for your business- and the common pitfalls to avoid

Since the Brexit vote, there is still uncertainty on how Britain’s exit will impact UK businesses and the wider economy, but it has without question prompted many to look at how to build out their business overseas. Whether you are a company currently in a period of expansion through organic growth or via acquisitions/mergers or developing a strategy for the future, there are key considerations that will impact the success of the expansion.

To explore this further we spoke to finance expert Tushar Patel, who has managed and coordinated the strategic expansion and integration of varied businesses across global jurisdictions, to share his experience and lessons learned.  Tushar has managed large scale infrastructure financing projects and holds an extensive level of experience in financial management, corporate transactions, corporate governance and compliance, negotiation and integration,with extensive treasury and risk management experience. 

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