Understanding How Business Leaders Contribute to the UK 'Productivity Problem'

Written by EO Executives on Dec 07, 2018

Understanding How Business Leaders Contribute to the UK 'Productivity Problem'- An Exclusive Interview with Interim Operations Expert, Paul Dakin

In case you have missed it, the 10th anniversary of the Lehman Brothers Bank collapse recently occurred that signalled the 2008/09 financial crash. This has led lot of soul searching about UK productivity puzzle which comprises the zero growth of productivity within the British economy since the crash & its current low levels relative to other nations.

On a macro level productivity is hard to understand, but the one thing that can be agreed on is that productivity puts the life into living standards. History makes this very clear. Since the start of the industrial revolution pay & living standards have increased 15-fold since 1750. It is no coincidence that the UK experience since 2008 has been more painful with the “lost decade” & counting since 2008 resulting in a flat-lining/reduction in living standards.

But why has UK relative productivity performance been so poor?

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What Is HR Interim and Why Should It Matter to Your Business?

Written by EO Executives on Oct 18, 2018

What is HR interim and why should it matter to your business?

Simply put, Interim HR (Human Resources) Management is the use of HR experts on a temporary/ short-term basis. HR Interim Managers are experts in their field and are typically hired by organisations to solve critical business challenges through their own limited companies.

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How to Identify the Best Resources for Your Business

Written by EO Executives on Jun 20, 2018

In a recent blog The Pros and Cons - Interim Managers vs Management Consultants vs Internal Resources,(read more here) I looked at the three main resourcing options that are available (alongside the potential pro’s and cons) when compiling a project team to drive transformation.

At different stages of a project cycle there are challenges to over come as projects launch, sustain and scale. Being aware of these problems within the change programme and resourcing effectively to mitigate against them, is the key to success.

With this in mind, I have looked at numerous typical organisational project scenarios and offer insights and direction based on EO Executives experience and expertise of the best resources to utilise to ensure projects are a success. 

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EO Executives Launch Interim Report 2018

Written by EO Executives on Jun 15, 2018

78% of Interim Managers we surveyed do not feel enough is being done to support the interim community.

We have worked with our interim management network to obtain their insight and thoughts on the interim market. After hearing from both our candidates and clients about the changes they are seeing in the market, we wanted to extend our reach to the wider community. 

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Are You Thinking of Becoming an Interim Manager?

Written by EO Executives on Mar 08, 2018

An Interim career is one that has often proved to be as fulfilling as a Permanent career (sometimes even more so). And although working as an Interim Manager has many benefits, it may not suit everyone.  

It can offer varied, flexible ways of working. However, as you leave the security and structure offered by permanent employment it can become challenging.

As working demands change and we enter a gig economy, more individuals should expect to have a stage of their career working for specific periods of time. Particularly, in a market that seems to be becoming task orientated.   

The Interim Managers who are registered and work through EO Executives, report that if they can cope with the uncertainty of being on assignment, then they gain flexibility, independence, variety and freedom from corporate politics. Alongside the ability to very quickly and make a significant difference to the clients they support.

At EO, we are seeing an increased rate of candidates who are discovering the attractions of Interim Management as a career choice, which include:

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How to Go to Market as an Interim Manager Using LinkedIn and Content

Written by EO Executives on Feb 21, 2018

Whether you are new to Interim Management or are a highly experienced Interim Manager, with the emergence of the gig economy you may have noticed that the competition for assignments is greater than ever before.

This competition combined with the demand for Interim Executives demonstrates that more organisations are seeing the value of hiring an Interim.

Historically, the value of Interim Managers has been misunderstood by a lot of businesses. Yet, our recent Interim survey results have shown that there is more breadth in the sector and size of businesses that now recognise the advantages of using ‘true’ Interim Managers. Experts who can lead and drive change programmes, bringing a wealth of knowledge and ‘know-how’ with them. However, Supply vs Demand can create an increased challenge for individual Interim managers as they are often ‘competing’ for roles with a larger pool of people, which in turn can then lead to longer periods ‘on the bench’ between assignments.

Why do I need a social voice?

Our 2017 survey results showed that 33% of all respondents obtained their last role either via a provider or the client directly. So, the approach to obtaining a new assignment should be multi-channel in order to create as much ‘noise’ as possible.

In a world that is being impacted by constant technological innovation, now more than ever I would advocate that you are selling your services directly to clients, as well as working with a few specialist providers such as ourselves.

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How to Hire an Interim Manufacturing Expert

Written by EO Executives on Dec 04, 2017

How to Hire an Interim Manufacturing Leader...

Working in the manufacturing space allows EO to partner with some of the UK’s top interim talent. These industry experts have worked with key players within a variety of sectors such as Food & Beverage, Engineering, Packaging and Automotive to name a few. When hiring an Interim professional within the manufacturing space there are many factors that must be considered before the search commences.

Hiring an interim can be one of the most expensive hires that a company can make. However, as we concluded to in a previous blog ('Hiring an Interim is Expensive...or Is It?') the ROI is far greater than the initial outlay. We are sure that if you are in the thought process that you need to hire an interim operations manager then your business is going through a period of change/growth/transition. These can be very challenging times, so before going to market consider the following…

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Hiring an Interim Operations Executive Is Expensive…or Is It?

Written by EO Executives on Oct 23, 2017


Hiring an Interim Operations Executive is expensive…or is it?

We hear this a lot. Generally, when hiring managers look at the cost of hiring an interim, on the surface it looks expensive compared to the role that they would be hiring for on a permanent basis. However, if you look at the bigger picture you are hiring a flexible resource with limited risk. Along with expertise that you NEED to future-proof your business, allowing you to continue to reap the rewards long after the interim has gone.

There are several aspects to consider when hiring an interim manager rather than just looking at the initial outlay of costs.

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5 Benefits of Hiring an Interim Manager

Written by EO Executives on Jul 18, 2017


As customers are increasingly demanding more from businesses, it is unsurprising that so many organisations are going through some form of change and transformation. However, to ensure these journeys are successful every business will need experts in their teams who they can trust. This is when many turn to high calibre interim managers to guide their teams in the right direction.

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What Does the Future Look Like for the Interim Market?

Written by EO Executives on Jul 13, 2017

In recent months, I have found myself involved in discussions with leaders in my network, which have led me to reflect on the Interim market as a whole and question what interim trends we should expect to emerge in the coming months.

Considering that these discussions have primarily been with career interims, in the truest sense that they operate through their own Limited Companies and typically are engaged at times of change / transformation, I wondered if we would have seen any significant changes as to how assignments are sourced with the emergence of the ‘gig economy’ and global rise in social media?

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