Corporate Palaeontology – Digging Up The Dinosaurs In Your Boardroom

Written by EO Executives on Mar 01, 2017

Dinosaurs ultimately went extinct due to their inability to adapt to changes in their environment. We are now seeing the emergence of corporate dinosaurs in the boardroom who threaten to make your company a quickly forgotten, deeply buried fossil site… so how can you spot them?

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6 Practical Steps for Getting Your Work Life Balance Right

Written by EO Executives on Nov 28, 2016

Your work/life balance can sometimes seem elusive, and at your busiest times, a far flung fantasy.

However, like all things in life, having a clear goal and a plan of how to accomplish it is the best way to make progress.

To help you get closer to the work life dream, we’ve put together some highly practical steps so you can manage both your professional and personal life in a more balanced way.

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How Leaders Can Drive A Winning Culture

Written by EO Executives on Oct 17, 2016

Culture is more than just a sign on the wall or a bullet-point list on your company website. Culture is who you stand for – the common values that everyone in your business believes in, and it’s the responsibility of leaders to take this one step further and translate those values into behaviours.

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4 Business Lessons From Team GB’s Olympic & Paralympic Success

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Sep 08, 2016

Guest post by Laurent Bouvier

The Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics has been amazing to watch. The achievements of team GB have even surpassed the high expectations set following London 2012, and for team GB to finish second in both the Olympic and Paralympic medal leadership tables is a truly outstanding achievement. But what lessons can we learn from this success and apply to the business world?

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The Impact Of Brexit On UK Businesses So Far [Survey Results]

Written by EO Executives on Jul 04, 2016

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has ushered in a period of political and economic uncertainty. There is no precedent for what to expect over the coming months or years, and although the UK is only just starting to take it’s first steps on this journey, as an international recruitment business, we were keen to understand more about the impact that individuals and businesses are seeing so far. 

We asked 1,000 senior business leaders eight questions about the impact of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, 500 in the UK and 500 in European countries. 

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When To Use Interim Managers vs Consultants vs Internal Resources For Change Projects

Written by EO Executives on Jun 16, 2016

Change is the new business as usual. As a global Interim Management and Search Firm we know that modern resource management in the context of projects is both tricky and a huge opportunity for leadership teams.

The vast majority of business leaders we deal with are either in growth or change mode and need help fast with their major strategic programs.

Changing social demographics, disruptive new technologies and globalisation all require fresh leadership and fresh perspectives. But where should you turn to obtain this additional input and resource for these vital initiatives and projects?

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What Does It Take For A Challenger Bank To Succeed?

Written by EO Executives on Jun 09, 2016

Back in 2014, our Financial Services practice lead wrote a blog about the threats to the established banking royalty. At the time there were 29 applications for a banking license ‘in flight’ from challenger banks, and in those intervening two years we have been fortunate enough to support over 20 start-ups and challengers with CEO, COO, Heads of Function and NED recruitment and hiring requirements.

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Top 10 Tips On How To Conduct Great Job Interviews [Video]

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 24, 2016

You've been sent the shortlist for your vacancy and you're excited to meet some of the prospective candidates. But what's the best way to conduct your interview? As an executive recruitment firm our consultants have conducted thousands of interviews over the years, where they assess the merits of each candidate to decide who best fits the client's needs. We asked ten of our practice heads what their top tip is for conducting an interview.

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8 Top Job Interviewing Tips For Senior Candidates [Video]

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 16, 2016

You've gone through the screening process, your CV has impressed and now it's time close the deal in the interview and secure your next job offer. But how should you prepare? Remembering a few simple tips and techniques can go a long way in helping you make the right impression within your job interview and increase your chances of being presented with a job offer. We asked eight of our experienced recruitment practice heads what their top tip would be to a senior candidate going to interview.

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The Surprising Truth About The Behavioural Traits Boards Are Now Demanding From Procurement Leaders

Written by EO Executives on Jan 29, 2016

It’s a well-known fact that individuals with certain behaviours are better matched to certain jobs. For example senior Sales Executives tend to be driven and goal orientated, whereas in contrast Chief Analysts have a high process orientation, like direction, and have great attention to detail.

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