Understanding How Business Leaders Contribute to the UK 'Productivity Problem'

Written by EO Executives on Dec 07, 2018

Understanding How Business Leaders Contribute to the UK 'Productivity Problem'- An Exclusive Interview with Interim Operations Expert, Paul Dakin

In case you have missed it, the 10th anniversary of the Lehman Brothers Bank collapse recently occurred that signalled the 2008/09 financial crash. This has led lot of soul searching about UK productivity puzzle which comprises the zero growth of productivity within the British economy since the crash & its current low levels relative to other nations.

On a macro level productivity is hard to understand, but the one thing that can be agreed on is that productivity puts the life into living standards. History makes this very clear. Since the start of the industrial revolution pay & living standards have increased 15-fold since 1750. It is no coincidence that the UK experience since 2008 has been more painful with the “lost decade” & counting since 2008 resulting in a flat-lining/reduction in living standards.

But why has UK relative productivity performance been so poor?

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Q&A with Bruce Wright – Finance Director – Global Supply Chain

Written by EO Executives on Dec 08, 2017

The role of the Finance Director (FD) or Chief Finance Officer (CFO) is crucial for measuring business growth, return on investment, budget forecasting and working with the rest of the business to formulate a business strategy. As a result, the Finance Director is one of the most vital contributors to all areas of the business. As well as challenging departments on their spending, decision making and ensuring they contribute to success.

To gain insight into how the role of the FD has evolved and the value they can bring, we met with Bruce Wright, Finance Director at Pladis Global. In this Q&A, we uncover challenges facing Finance, the traits of a great business partner and the impact finance has on the rest of an organisation.

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