Bad news, your CEO has handed in their notice.

Written by EO Executives on Jun 09, 2014

As a board member or business owner you’ve had some bad news, your current CEO has handed in their notice. This is hard to take, your trusted advisor and pinnacle of your business has decided to move on to pastures new. They’ve been incredibly successful and you know that such talent is going to be hard to replicate. You take some time out and digest what you’ve heard, then you go back and ask the pertinent questions but ultimately nothing is going to change, you panic but can’t show it, you feel like your 5 year strategy has gone out the window. What do you do next?

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Take your candidates seriously!

Written by EO Executives on Jun 06, 2014

So, you apply for a role which you’re absolutely perfect for – of course.  You await the call from the recruitment company and after a couple of weeks begin to wonder why you haven’t heard from them. So you call them.  You’re curious to understand the status of your application.  When you finally manage to speak with a human you hear words that are generic and could be applied to any candidate!  You’ve been rejected from a role that you’re a perfect match for and don’t know why you haven’t move to the next stage.  Or, worse than that, you don’t receive any feedback and are left feeling confused and angry about the time you’ve taken to submit your application and missing out on the perfect job for you.

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Maintaining a relevant sphere of REFERENCE (or: How to protect your referees from nefarious sales calls)

Written by EO Executives on May 27, 2014

There comes a time in every executive recruitment process when the prospective employer, client or recruiter asks for your references. It’s tempting – and probably correct – to interpret this as a “buying signal”; why would someone bother to follow up with references if he or she didn’t intend to hire you?

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"I want to start a bank!"

Written by EO Executives on May 01, 2014

It’s late March, the phone rings, a High Net Worth entrepreneur with the opening line:

“ I want to start a Bank, can you give me a CEO?”

This got our team thinking! April, and the FCA have confirmed 29 firms have applied for authorisation to become banks. The red tape is being loosened, last summer the regulator relaxed the rules for new entrants and the minimal capital requirements have been lowered to encourage start-ups. We understand it took Metro Bank nearly two years! However, recently we have seen private equity buy smaller regional banks to acquire a license.

So, what are the top five challenges of starting a Bank?

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Impact of Wrong Hiring Decisions

Written by EO Executives on Apr 23, 2014

Having spent almost 25 years in global senior executive Human Resources roles, I was always looking at getting our cost of hire down……..but were we measuring the wrong thing?

Now working on the “other side” as a Managing Partner at Executives Online I have begun to understand that the costs of the wrong hire are highly damaging and that partnering with a high quality search partner is one of the most important investments you will make.

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How about Manufacturing?

Written by EO Executives on Apr 04, 2014

There’s a common belief in the US and Europe that manufacturing is still in a state of decline. Nothing could be further from the truth; there is a massive renaissance in thinking underway, with new design methodologies, rapid prototyping, fast implementation of new manufacturing methodologies, the concept of 3D printing which has gone from ‘science fiction’ to readily available implementation in just a short period of time.

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What Really Happens When You Send a LinkedIn Invitation

Written by EO Executives on Apr 01, 2014

A great thing about social media is its openness. It’s now easier and faster to find anyone, and find information about them, than ever before.

Like all great things taken to extremes, this openness is also one of the downsides of social media. It can be, sometimes, rather more open than we’d like. There are certainly people who’ve found me on Facebook whom I would prefer stayed buried in the distant past. 

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How to Think About and Buy Client-Paid Recruitment Advertising

Written by EO Executives on Feb 28, 2014

Most recruitment businesses structure their fees in broadly similar ways, as a percentage of the salary the new employee will be paid. There are differences in timing (on briefing or on placement?), and fees usually undergo the give-and-take of negotiation, but they’re pretty transparent otherwise. A successful management or executive hire is important to the employer – the work the employee goes on to do is highly valuable – and recruitment fees deliver value for money.

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The Real Reason Boardroom Gender Diversity Remains Elusive

Written by EO Executives on Feb 20, 2014

It’s hard to avoid all the press coverage and policy initiatives on the topic of gender diversity in the boardroom. A number of studies – McKinsey’s “Women Matter” initiative, the Lord Davies “Women on Boards” reports, to name a few – found female representation on boards correlates favourably with company performance.  Yet despite some small but encouraging gains, female representation on company boards continues to trail their representation in business and management roles, not to mention the working population at large.


No one’s so brazen to voice belief that a woman with the same qualifications and career track record is somehow inherently less capable than her male peers.

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