The SaaS Implementation and Post-Implementation Stage

Written by EO Executives on Jun 07, 2017


“Oh, that’s for the Technology team to sort out now, Sales have done their bit” … Is this true?

Hi there, I am Szu and I am part of the executive search team in EO Executives who identify and place the best and brightest talent for the C-level/VP roles we have. Previously, I worked with IT Services companies in solutions & product development. At HPE, as part of my MSc in IT, I worked in the global cloud services team to help design a cloud Integration platform for small & medium-sized independent software vendors. At CSC, I led the R&D part of the solutions development function to deliver new IaaS/SaaS offerings.

As part of EO Executives’ survey of over 100+ industry leaders (CTO’s and Commercial Directors) to understand how aligned sales and technology teams are in modern business, we kicked off a theme blog “Are Sales and Technology Pulling in Different Directions?” From this EO article, I started off a spin-off series of blogs talking about why alignment between the Sales and Technology leads is so crucial the at all stages of the SaaS life cycle:

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