The Simple Four Step Talent Sourcing Strategy Every HRD Should Know

Written by EO Executives on Apr 08, 2016

Talent has reached the boardroom agenda as a key source of competitive advantage. High on the list of priorities for Global HRDs who I speak with is the need to unlock a talent acquisition approach that responds to these growing demands.

Engaging Generation Z, an ageing workforce across most western markets, and competition from disruptive new start-ups are not only all serious issues that are causing businesses pain but also a great opportunity for HR to step up and take charge.

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Top 10 Tips On How To Conduct Great Job Interviews [Video]

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 24, 2016

You've been sent the shortlist for your vacancy and you're excited to meet some of the prospective candidates. But what's the best way to conduct your interview? As an executive recruitment firm our consultants have conducted thousands of interviews over the years, where they assess the merits of each candidate to decide who best fits the client's needs. We asked ten of our practice heads what their top tip is for conducting an interview.

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Eliminating Deception To Make Better Hires [Ebook]

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Apr 02, 2015

It might not be something you often think about but a suprising amount of lies and deception take place when candidates apply for a job. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that 81% of people lie about themselves during job interviews with the average person telling 2.19 lies per 15-minute interview.

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Can You Spot A Lying Job Applicant?

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Mar 18, 2015

81 percent of people lie about themselves during job interviews; telling 2.19 lies per 15 minute interview – shocking but true and something you, as a business leader, need to have a handle on. So how can you spot whether a job applicant is lying and avoid making a potentially expensive hiring mistake?

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6 Hiring Secrets Recruiters Don’t Want You To Know

Written by Andrew Nicholas on Feb 26, 2015

Most recruiters will tell you that the people you want aren’t easily found; yet miraculously they’ll turn around a short list in a few weeks. The truth is the people you want are busy doing a great job for someone else and your hiring strategy needs to find and engage with them on a level that makes your company intriguing and irresistible; somewhere they really want to be.

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