10 Things to Consider When Expanding Your E-Commerce Supply Chain Overseas

Written by EO Executives on May 16, 2018

For any business, expanding their Supply Chain overseas will require strong expertise and a strategic plan. In a previous blog, with Director Tony Leach, we uncovered why more businesses should embark on an overseas expansions. In this second blog, our aim is to provide you with the knowledge on how to actually implement an expansion.

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Why You Should Expand your E-Commerce Supply Chain Overseas

Written by EO Executives on May 09, 2018

As a Procurement and Supply Chain headhunter, we have seen a huge trend in UK businesses expanding their online operations overseas.

It’s a great opportunity.

To add value to our client network we have sat down with experienced Director Tony Leach, to produce a two-part series covering why and how you can go about this expansion – and what to watch out for.

So, in this blog we interviewed Tony to look at why you should take your e-commerce operations internationally.

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Why is Sales and Operations Planning Fundamental for any Business? Q&A with Supply Chain Expert- Rupert Tubbs

Written by EO Executives on Nov 06, 2017

With an ever-changing economic landscape and a continuous demand for businesses to innovate and implement new processes, planning is fundamental for success. There are of course numerous ways businesses can plan and execute ideas, but without a standardised process organisations cannot forecast for change, drive a strong culture, nor establish a sense of accountability.

To understand how businesses can best implement such processes and plan ahead, we met with highly experienced Supply Chain Leader, Rupert Tubbs. Rupert also holds extensive experience and understanding of how to successfully implement Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP).

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Are You Neglecting Your Most Important Supply Chain?

Written by EO Executives on Jul 06, 2017


The more time I spend with businesses, of all sizes, less surprises me. However, what does surprise me is how many neglect their talent supply chains. Many them have honed and defined their supply chains into highly efficient, state of the art operations that produce better results and at a lower cost than ever before. Experienced, skilled procurement professionals add huge amounts of value to their business through supplier innovation and sophisticated sourcing models. 

When I ask these businesses how their talent supply chain is shaping up, I often get the same blank expression staring back at me. Think about it. Who is going to deliver that award-winning supply chain in the future?

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How to Accelerate Growth, Cut Costs and Meet Customer Demand in Your Supply Chain

Written by EO Executives on Jun 14, 2017

The need for efficiencies in Supply Chain is constant…but in most companies the easy wins were implemented years ago.

So where do we go next?

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Why You Need a Supply Chain Non-Executive Director

Written by EO Executives on Mar 28, 2017

As an Associate Director of global executive search firm EO Executives, I also head up the Procurement and Supply Chain Practice. My role means I get the opportunity to meet with the top industry leaders on a frequent basis, whilst continuously keeping up to date with new industry trends and what’s going on in the market.

One reoccurring (and well known) fact that keeps arising in my discussions with industry leaders is that is that MD’s, CEO’s and boards of SME’s are facing huge challenges growing their businesses; in a volatile market that often has more disruptive and aggressive competition than ever before.

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The Impact on Procurement and Supply Chain Following Britain’s Decision to Leave the EU

Written by EO Executives on Aug 19, 2016

At Executives Online we recently surveyed 1,000 industry leaders to gain an insight into how Britain’s decision to leave the EU has impacted businesses across the UK and the rest of Europe.

For most businesses the impact has not been as severe as first thought. However, working with procurement and supply chain professionals on a daily basis I decided to take a closer look at how the two functions took the news.

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