6 Key Changes for Britain’s Retail Sector

Written by EO Executives on May 11, 2017

As Head of the HR Practice at Executive Search firm EO Executives, and having worked in the HR space for over 10 years, I have seen many industry trends come and go. However, retail is one of the key spaces I am (as are a vast majority of my network) seeing the most exciting changes in terms of transformation and hiring trends.

In the press, we are hearing about the great retail success stories from distributors such as Boohoo, Missguided and Farfetch. So, just how are these brands achieving this in a market that has proven to be volatile for other retailers like Jaeger and BHS?

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SaaS Development – Why Sales and Technology Need to Be Aligned

Written by EO Executives on Apr 07, 2017

Szu Hill, EO Technology Researcher, April 2017

Hi there, I am Szu and I have just joined EO Executives as part of the executive search team to identify and place the best and brightest talent for the C-level/VP/EVP roles we have. Prior to this, I worked with a couple of IT Services multi-nationals as a business analyst within their solutions development teams. At HPE, I worked in the global cloud services team to help design a cloud Integration platform for small & medium-sized independent software vendors. At CSC, I led the R&D part of the solutions development function to deliver new IaaS/SaaS offerings.

EO Executives recently surveyed over 100+ industry leaders who were mainly a mixture of CTO’s and Commercial Directors to understand how aligned sales and technology teams are in modern business, which resulted in a follow-up blog “Are Sales and Technology Pulling in Different Directions?”

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Are Sales and Technology Pulling in Different Directions?

Written by Executives Online UK on Mar 24, 2017

How Aligned are Sales and Technology Teams in modern business? Well the simple answer is… they are not.

As a global Executive Recruitment firm we help place leaders within some of the fastest growing and disruptive technology businesses in the country. Through this work, we have frequently noticed the damaging void that seems to exist between the commercial and technology departments within numerous organisations.

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7 Factors CFOs Need to Know About Blockchain

Written by EO Executives on Jan 24, 2017

Over recent years blockchain technology has been highly disruptive in the world of finance, with internet searches rising year on year. And it doesn't stop there, the development of blockchain isn’t slowing down, with many industry leaders declaring it has the potential to change how organisations do business.

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5 Top Tips For Smooth Leadership Succession

Written by EO Executives on Nov 15, 2016

Successions can be a tricky affair and history throws up some intriguing leadership succession stories. Tim Cook taking the reigns at Apple was initially met with heavy scepticism, and last year Pandora Media took a leap in announcing a full technology leadership succession.

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How The Brexit Result Impacted the Technology Sector

Written by EO Executives on Aug 17, 2016

Since Britain voted to leave the EU there has been an overcast of uncertainty throughout the technology sector. Particularly since many working in this space were greatly in favour of remaining within the EU, as it provides the opportunities to sell, hire and invest within Europe. 

Following the referendum, the team at Executives Online set to survey over 1,000 industry leaders and gain an insight into what impact the result has had on businesses, whilst identifying where the impact has been most prevalent.  

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Payments... Push It, Push It Real Good

Written by EO Executives on Jul 13, 2016

PSD2, Blockchain, Fintech… just some of the current raft of hot phrases and topics that I speak to senior leaders about every day as the Director of our Technology Practice at International headhunting firm Executives Online.

Having worked both for and with a number of banks over the last decade, I believe that the world of Financial Services has never been more exciting.

The recent arrival of fresh competition and challengers to the traditional Retail Banks is well documented, but without doubt the sector that is bracing itself for an influx of innovation is the credit card and payments market.

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Getting Suppliers To Bring Innovation To Your Supply Chain

Written by EO Executives on Nov 16, 2015

It can be hard to stay abreast of the newest, most disruptive pieces of technology (although my kids don’t seem to have the same problem!) but a recent statistic suggested that a third of market growth and up to two thirds of new hires over the next five years will come from the emerging disruptive technologies. Most suppliers possess these new innovations, so after years of squeezing suppliers and reducing cost how do you then position a proposition that will encourage your suppliers to bring value and innovation to the table?

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How Can HR Harness The Power Of Big Data?

Written by EO Executives on Aug 17, 2015

Big Data is everywhere and is affecting all areas and functions of business – from sales and marketing and their sophisticated CRM and marketing automation systems to procurement and finance and their advanced vendor inventory management systems. HR are now readily assuming a strategic and business critical role, so it’s only natural then that HR would also start to see the same kind of technological progression as other business areas.

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10 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Join The Cloud

Written by EO Executives on Jul 06, 2015

To some leaders cloud computing is fraught with pitfalls. Companies baulk at the cloud because of data security concerns, which whilst in some cases is legitimate (particularly within Defence and Public Sector organisations) in other industries these fears are often unfounded. To others, job security becomes an issue as they see the further automation of IT services as a threat. Then of course there is the question over who really controls the data, and who is responsible should something happen to it...

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