What Is the Key to Successful Internal Communication?

Written by EO Executives on Jun 23, 2017

Leading the HR Practice at EO Executives, I have recently seen an increased demand from my clients for Internal Communications professionals and it got me questioning as to why. Why now is there the sudden demand?

After all, the idea of Internal Communications isn’t new, it just seems to be that the way we communicate has just transformed from the increased rise in social media presence. A phenomenon which seems to have made communication something of a global obsession. This, coupled with the fact that there is growing recognition from Chief Executive Officers, that employee engagement is the essence of a successful business.

The secret to internal employee engagement…

Internal Communication is often about advising of change - where employers, employees and colleagues share information and how they communicate with one another. All working together to ensure that there is mutual understanding between employees, their managers and multiple functions across the organisation.

Internal communication is most successful when it is delivered to the appropriate audience and through the right channels. From many conversations with HR leaders in my network, is clear that in today's market, sourcing and retaining top talent is a key challenge for many organisations and is becoming a priority for organisations to get a grip on. As this moves further and further up the corporate agenda, it is more prominent than ever that Internal Communications is key to driving employee engagement. Given that higher levels of engagement improve morale, boost productivity and lead to a better working environment in general, it is hardly surprising it is a key focus on the HR agenda.

Communication is evolving and so should businesses…

With the change in employee and candidate expectations alongside advancements in technology, employers are searching for new ways to entice and retain the leaders that will bring success to their business. So, employers can no longer expect to drive engagement through Traditional newsletters and internal publications that worked yesterday.

Getting the balance right…

As businesses adapt to evolving technology and open communication, employees of all generations are also valuing the flexibility in where their workplace is.

Today when many employees are searching for an organisation that can offer flexibility and a greater focus on a work-life balance. The challenge for Internal Communications teams is to identify the best strategies for communicating with such employees. Not only to keep them in the loop on information but to integrate dispersed employees into the company culture.

Subconsciously, for many of us work has also become part of our personal lives. Checking emails on our smart phones, picking up business calls and being connected to the internet at all times means we are never off line or out of touch with our employers.

The solution?

Organisations will need to establish fast, interactive, straight- forward and reliable channels to communicate with their employees. This will require digital adoptions and what digital means in today's world is flexibility. For some businesses this will be easy, but for others a transforming world with new procedures, skills and technology and technology is necessary for generating trust enabling companies to remain in control of the messages they send and ensuring that information is not open to each individual’s personal interpretation.

Our clients are now placing an emphasis on the breadth of wider business skills that Internal Communications professionals offer. It is now vital that such individuals can align communications with corporate strategy and executive-level thinking. Whilst tools such as internal social media groups and messaging services call for an entirely different skill set to those seen in Internal Communication previously, we are now seeing these requirements match the demands for digitally-savvy candidates across the wider market.

Communication is key but the extent and speed at which it is made is constantly widening and accelerating. The power of communication lies in keeping an audience involved in its evolution, because it is their interaction and interest that will mean the difference between communication that goes nowhere, and communication that can motivate entire workforce.

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