Why Chemistry Will Be Crucial for Your Next Executive Hire

Written by EO Executives on Sep 04, 2018


Having the ‘most skilled’ candidates in place will not always guarantee success. You could find the ideal candidate with an impressive CV and tons of experience, and will no doubt spend an extensive amount of time and money on implementing a vigorous recruitment process. However, there is one key factor you need to consider if you want to avoid doing it all over again.  

I’ll explain this further… 

As a hiring manger or Owner/Founder, you may have already been through a tough hiring process and learnt the hard way, but dont make the same mistake with your next hire. When you sit down in-front of a C-Suite Executive you should know instantly if they are right for your business.  

How you ask? It all comes down to one thing…chemistry. If the chemistry isnt there, it simply will not work.  

Alignment on both sides is key.  

We always advise our clients to ensure candidates are both the right cultural and behavioural fit (learn more here). The candidate could have the most impressive CV, fantastic experience and the might unicorn you have been looking for, but without alignment and an initial spark’ you will start to see challenges. Probably even within the first 30-90 days.  

You are probably thinking, we just need the right person for the job...why does chemistry matter?, so, I’ll explain.  

Hiring someone to take a seat on the board is a crucial decision, and not one to be taken lightly. Think about it like dating. When you are interviewing this person, you need to think, “Can I see myself alongside this person in 4-5 years’ time, and “what do we have in common... do we share the same goals?”  

If the answer is no, it is time to move on with your search.  

Face-to-Face meetings are crucial for eliminating deception 

 All it takes is for the CEO/Founder to meet them and it then goes one way or another. Sometimes you just do not know. I just want to clarify that this is not down to skills, experience or competency, but how the CEO/Founder manages to build a rapport with the candidate. It all comes down to chemistry during the interview process, and behaviours contribute to this tremendously.  

Therefore the team at EO Executives believe that meeting the candidate to understand their behaviours is crucial before putting them forward for a role. We also make it a compulsory part of our process for candidates to present themselves in a 90 second video pitch, explaining why they should be considered for the role, giving the client a greater insight into their profile. We refer to this as executive intro®, which was born out of our belief that companies historically hire leaders based on skills, but fire based on behaviours - we realised that executive recruitment had to be done a different way to get different results. 

 As a result, at EO Executives our process is vigorous and entails behavioural analytics, cognitive video analysis and detailed screening to ensure the candidates align with our clients. At the end of the day people buy from people. Opposites can attract but chemistry along with skill set is crucial.  

Remember, if you are making a senior hire, this will be someone that could make or break your mission. Therefore, they need to be the right person on more than a competency based level. 

What is your experience in hiring C-Level leaders? Did you manage to get it right or did you fire based on behaviour? 

We would be keen to hear your thoughts and insights into the processes that have worked for your business, so be sure to leave a comment below. 

What next? 

For further insights, why not take a look at our blog page here.

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