Understanding the Importance of Psychometric Profiling

Written by EO Executives on Sep 06, 2018


Have you ever had a successful interview, even met the extended team and felt like you would be a great fit for the company? At this point where you convinced you would get the job? 

Just when you are waiting for them to offer you the role, you get the call to say they would like you to do a psychometric profile test...which can sound daunting. However, psychometric profiling should be a crucial element for both the yourself (the candidate) and the business conducting the interview.  


In today’s economic climate, most industries are highly competitive, and your profile needs to be well suited to the job brief if you are going to be offered the role. 

You could be the most technically competent candidate but if your personality, behavioural profile and cultural fit is not aligned with the organisation, you will find yourself facing challenges later down the line. Therefore, this is crucial to safe guard both parties.  

At EO Executives, we know that psychometric profiling is important for matching both technical competencies and behaviours to ensure a great cultural fit. Historically, companies hire on skills but fire on behaviour, and to break this cycle recruitment needs to provide insights beyond a standard interview. This process can be daunting for candidates, so we wanted to provide some valuable insights for getting it right.  

So, what do you need to know before taking a psychometric test? 

Psychometric tests are nothing to fear, and employers do not ask you to complete them to catch you out. They simply want to understand if you are the right fit for the business. Psychometric tests are insightful tools that interviewers use to get a better sense of your perceptions, personality, and communication style.  

Additionally, it is unlikely you are the only person interviewing for the role, and so it will be necessary for the business to shortlist the candidates most qualified for the role, both in terms of skill and behaviour.  

Why Else Do Employers Use Psychometric Profiling? 

An interview process can be lengthy and requires a great deal of time investment from both parties- which can also be costly. Therefore, it is in the employers’ best interest to screen the candidates thoroughly. Additionally, it is hard to truly know if someone will be a great fit through interviewing alone, and some employers may feel that psychometric profiling can give them additional insight to make better hiring decisions. 

So, if you’re asked to complete one, it will be in your best interest to go into it with some understanding of why the company is using it and what to expect. After all, you want to ensure that you are interviewing for the right role for you as well.  

  1. To See if You Are a Good Fit for the Company Culture

Every company has a its own individual workplace culture, and it is important to some employers to determine if your personality will be a good fit with the overall culture of the company. 

In this scenario, it is unlikely that they are looking for everyone to fit into a narrow personality profile. Rather, they are most likely trying to get a general sense of work values and/or preferences. 

  1. To understand Your Communication Style 

Good communication is essential in any working environment. Your communication style may be particularly important to the company if you are interviewing for a management position. This type of assessment is designed to help understand how you prefer to communicate, handle conflict, and collaborate with teammates. 

  1. How you like to be managed

Some people like to work autonomously, and others like to have clear leadership support. Psychometric assessments can provide your potential employer with insights into your working habits and how you like to work. Any results may create questions regarding this at later interview stages, so that expectations are aligned moving forwards 

Result Analysis 

Results from psychometric tests will likely provide some insight about your preferences and/or personality. There will be no magic results, only insight into areas that clients may wish to explore a little further.  

You may disagree with some of your results, and that’s fine. Some of the findings may be true in certain circumstances and untrue in others. Sometimes results may focus on both your situational and real profiles  i.e., work and personal, so sometimes these behaviours may be quite different.  

It can be frustrating if you feel that your results are inaccurate and put you at risk for being passed over for a job you want. Keep in mind that the psychometric assessment is just one small part of the hiring decision for most companies.  

I have never heard of a great candidate missing out on an offer solely due to a psychometric test.  If a company is overly focused on specific psychometric test results, you are probably better off focusing on other opportunities anyway. 

We find most candidates find the output interesting and look forward to seeing what it suggests. 

Benefits as a Candidate 

By being honest in your responses, good recruiters and hiring managers can evaluate if they are setting you up for success. A lot of businesses hire based on the CV, but fire on an individual’s behaviours.  

You don’t want to land your dream job, hand your notice in to your current employer to find out 6 months down the road that the ‘ideal’ role isn’t such a good fit for you after all…. 

Should you Prepare for a Psychometric Assessment? 

Since psychometric tests are not “tests” in the sense that they are not meant to measure knowledge and memorised facts, there is no need to study for a personality assessment. We recommend you do not over think the questions and run through the test quickly – there is no right and wrong!  

If you are feeling anxious about the test, you may find it helpful to do some research on the assessment you will be given and complete some sample questions to help give you a more concrete idea of what to expect. 

Beyond that, your time will be much better spent preparing for the interview! 

If you have ever taken a psychometric test as part of a hiring process, we would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think they are beneficial? Comment below to let us know!  

In the meantime, if you have any questions on this topic, please contact me directly at jessica.cutler@eoexecutives.com. 

Whats next?

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